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Old 09-19-2007, 10:31 AM
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Default Re: Best Defensive Scheme for 6v6 Flag football?

If you have the speed to man up on the outside then do that. Have your corners play inside tech and jam the receivers outside. Do not let the receivers get inside you, force the QB to throw over your CB (much tougher pass to complete).

I would alternate slanting/blitzing my 3 DTs. All you need are 3 calls; left gap, right gap, and outside loop. Change them as randomly as possible. If you constantly rush outside then you are going to be killed by QB draws.

You can occasionally rush 2 DTs in the gaps since the OL can't get a hand on you, but I'm assuming they have to keep their arms in at the chest, so be prepared to take a bunch of elbows in the eye. Again, change things up to keep them off balance.

Most flag leagues don't allow spinning or flag guarding, but I guess that's not a universal thing.

Do the rules require the D to be head up on the OL? If so, then use 10 yard splits between the linemen and run between them. Go unbalanced as well, with the Center all the way to one side. If the defense shifts then run to the weak side where you are 1 on 1. If they dont shift then screen to the strong side. Run some kind of jet/rocket sweep from the formation you posted. Between the handoff to the jet back, fake to jet - QB keep, and fake to jet - QB pass that's 3 easy plays right there that should allow you to score at will.
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Old 09-19-2007, 04:00 PM
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Default Re: Best Defensive Scheme for 6v6 Flag football?

Yes it is really slanted towards the offense which is why I think its important to:

1. Just play safe and smart offense

2. Take some risks on D and try to get turnovers

Thats why I believe in rushing an extra guy instead of having a safety. Or at the very least mix it up a lot with bringing the safety up to the line on every play and having him drop back sometimes and rush other times.

Also most intramural leagues probably don't have great refs...take advantage of that and play extra physical on D. Of course if they start to complain a lot, then back off for a few plays while the refs are watching it closely...but you can really get away with a lot.
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