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Old 10-14-2007, 08:10 PM
InWithTheBest InWithTheBest is offline
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Default Re: 2-7 Hand 100-200 at the Bellagio

Despite all of his faults, JRB is too good at this game to give you plenty of action after you slowplay a streat or two and than come alive if he makes a #2-#10.. Tons of drawbacks to this line, almost no positive benfits even if the other 2 players have/make monsters.
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Old 10-14-2007, 11:29 PM
palman palman is offline
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Default Re: 2-7 Hand 100-200 at the Bellagio

Palman you make good points, especially about the cap predraw. At first my thinking was its for value against two opponents, and it keeps Rob from doing anything fancy, like if he holds 97542 or something he very well may just toss the 9 right away, fearing you are pat behind, and so you will never have to guess where he is at - if he's pat he will have a legit hand or an unbreakable one, if he draws one, you know he has a good one card draw and you won't get too out of line later in the hand.

But I think your point about you not capping 2368 here (a clear mistake IMO) is the best reason to just call the 4 bet. I guess we can conclude that without some overriding factor, we should only cap here if we intend to be pat? The 5 bet cap changes the dynamic from a typical online game.

I still feel fastplaying has some advantages and obviously no downside (as it would be "standard"), my image is always LAG though, so for me fastplaying is essential.


[/ QUOTE ]

And I think I don't consider getting Rob to break 97 96, 95 or some 87's often when I should, so perhaps capping predraw has plenty of advantages. It's close for sure. If JR is drawing 2 I also like a raise after the first draw into Rob if he's pat or not. Should get him to break most of the same hands, is a great image play if you are worried about opponnents breaking on you too often when you do make vulnerable hands better than 87, and should frustrate him enough to make him pay you off even after raising after the 2nd draw.

8632 was a little strong on the point I was trying to make, although if I said 8753 or something, my point would have been obvious.

To he who said there's no benefits to taking this line, If JR gets off of his hand unimproved after the first draw, you gain anywhere from .5 to likely 1.5 but up to 5.5 or so big bets by taking his line from keeping JR around. What % of robs patting range is he really going to get in a raising war with here since he can never squeeze out JR, 20% or so? Can't stress enough how important the order of the action is here. If their seats were reversed a raising war here I'd say is as much as 3x more likely.
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