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Old 03-24-2006, 01:23 AM
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Software Forum FAQ
It's a difficult task to answer the frequent questions on this forum while avoiding any implied official 2+2 endorsement for pay software. The links and answers below are designed to provide free solutions to common problems while helping you find commercial alternatives if you so desire. These represent the views of the general forum community, and should not be construed as official recommendations from 2+2.


Are there programs that allow me to read my opponents hole cards/predict the board cards/cheat in some other way?
No. If you had a program that could accurately predict the board cards or your opponents hole cards, would you sell it for $49.95? Neither would these guys. They're all scams. Best case scenario, they don't work. Worse case scenario, you get some nasty trojans installed on your computer.

I had this awesome idea for a program that will play my hands for me. Is this against the rules?
Yes; this is called a bot, and they are actively sought out by poker sites. Anyone found running a bot will have their funds confiscated and their account closed.


What is AutoHotKey and how do I use it?
AutoHotKey (AHK) is a free, open-source utility for automating tasks. You can bind actions to hotkeys and even create graphical interfaces for more complicated tasks. For instance, many posters have written scripts to load all their poker apps at once. If you'd like to learn more about how to program in AHK, there are many projects on the forum who'd love an extra set of eyes.

To USE a given AHK script, you do not need any programming experience. First install AHK. Then copy your script into Notepad and save it as "MyFirstScript.ahk". Double click this new file to run your script.

How do I use keyboard shortcuts or a gamepad controller?
Many posters have written scripts for various sites. Here's a short list.

Party Poker: Table Navigator by Roland, SamIAm, & JukOfYork. A NL SNG script by Roland. A SNG Joystick Script by Bishop22.

PokerStars: GamePad Script by Big Bend. NL Script by Roland & NewYorkJet.

Full Tilt: FullTilt TableNavigator by SeanSkill, Roland, SamIAm, & JukOfYork

Absolute: TableNavigator for Absolute by Roland & JukOfYork


Why is Party monitoring my processes/keyboard/mouse activity?
When you sign up with Party Poker, you agree that they can monitor your computer's processes/keyboard/mouse activity, etc. They use this information for:
1. keeping their games safe from cheaters. They will detect prohibited software, bots, etc.
2. general diagnostics
3. random number generation. Part of their shuffle algorithm is dependent on users mouse movements.

Many don't worry about this intrusion, as any scandal involving Party Poker stealing users' information would be very bad for business. On the other hand, there has been some discussion of how/whether to block these intrusions.

What software is considered "cheating"?
The important question in evaluating each application is "Does this software give you an unfair advantage?". There's a lot of debate on what constitutes "unfair advantage", and the sites (Party Poker especially) can be a little hazy about it. What we do know is that statistical tracking programs, heads up displays, and window management tools have all been allowed. Programs that share hand histories or statistics are banned. Programs that automate or aid in decision making are also disallowed. PokerStars has a page describing their rules.

The good news is that, excluding outright cheating, most sites will give a warning for contraband software before freezing your account. If they decide to suddenly ban an application, they give everyone running it a warning.


What statistical tracking program should I use?
For Tournaments, there are a few free options, like the SNG Spreadsheet by dfscott or SNG Tracker. SNG Tracker is no longer being developed, and needs the import tool by rvg72; it's a little tough to get everything for SNG Tracker to work, but it's well worth it.

You may also explore commercial options.

What is the best heads-up display?
The best free HUD is GameTime+. It's open-source and supports most sites out there. There are also commercial alternatives.

Can I mine Party after their update?
Data collection has changed a bit since the newest updates Party Poker. FPHG, by JukOfYork, writes .hhf files for observed tables. iWitness, by Roland & SamIAm, opens tables of your favorite limit and watches to ensure they maintain a minimum number of players.

Can I mine PokerStars?
Datamining is forbidden at PokerStars. There was an application designed to do this, but PokerStars has listed it by name as being banned. If you attempt to datamine at PokerStars, you are risking your account and any funds you have on the site.

How do I make pretty graphs of my statistical tracking?
If your statistical tracker doesn't have built-in graphing, PokerGrapher supports SQL and non-SQL databases. PokerPatterns supports SQL. (Their website is defunct, but you can find the program through that link to the PokerTracker forum.)


Where do I find modifications for PartyPoker/PokerStars?
Without linking to any site which supports itself on ad revenue, you can find many mods on the forum. Waffle has probably the most popular card mod. PhattyLiver made a multi-tabling card mod. Shant even wrote an UNO mod.

How do I get rid of the Party blackjack/sidebet/jackpot images?
You can delete or resize the blackjack and sidebet images. The same works with the jackpot spinner.

How do I install poker modifications?
For PartyPoker and PokerStars, you simply overwrite the existing images with the new files. For instance, copy the new images into "c:/Program Files/PartyGaming/PartyPoker/Images/". Unfortunately, PokerRoom re-writes their images on the harddrive every time you boot the app. Therefore you'll have to copy the images each time you load.


What software should I use?
AutoResizer, by JukOfYork, performs a grab-bag of functions, including blocking all the stupid Party questions.

PartyPlanner, by MogobuTheFool, allows you to predesign where each table loads.

DollarToBB, by JukOfYork, hooks into PartyPoker and converts all displayed dollar amounts into BigBets.

FishFinder, by Gasoltub, helps you search for bad players and add them to your PartyPoker buddylist.

Blinder obscures your chipstack, so you don't count your money while you're sittin' at the table.

AllSnap helps align windows against eachother or the sides of your screen. Many users run this app all the time, not just when playing poker.

TrayIt allows you to force applications into the System Tray.

PokerStove helps you run simulations and EV calculations.


Which questions should go to the Software Forum?
Any computer-support question (one which doesn't deal with gambling) should go to Computer Tech Help. Any strategy question (one which relies on the readers being good at poker [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] ) should go to the appropriate strategy forum.

What topics are banned?
No piracy or torrent discussions at all. (Even if it's just about the client.) No bot-building. No scams of any sort.

Can I advertise a contract position/private job?
No. Please only post threads that will benefit the entire community. Do not use the Software Forum as your private advertising grounds.

Who should I talk to about this FAQ?
The first draft of this sticky was written by wildzer0. Subsequent drafts were by SamIAm. If you have any questions or suggestions, please PM him or ask in the original discussion.
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