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Old 11-19-2007, 12:04 PM
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Default I will mentor you for free

I want to mentor for free up to 10 players who i believe show good understanding of the fundamentals of poker and with my help i could get you guys from your current stakes to being where ever you want to get with poker. The students who i feel have the most potential and best attitudes will be the ones selected.

This will be mostly done through you sweating my sessions. This is why i'm doing this as free mentoring rather than charging for coaching. It will be at my stakes but i will speak about the adjustments i'd make if i was against a low stakes player, or how being against a thinking player changes the hand.

Other than this i'd also like it if we have our own small site w/ community forum and ability to host videos. So we can start threads on interesting hands in videos or post hands for you to decide the plays on. For this reason one of the selected must be able and willing to set that up.

Eventually i would like this to become a very small dedicated community in which everyone helps each other. For this reason i'm going to choose players from a variety of stakes and ages but all of you must be willing to give back to the community by helping the others. Be this uploading videos, posting comments or posting hands.

What you MUST have:

- A long term clear, measurable and timed goal of what you want from poker.

- A good listener, able to put your ego to one side

- Potential

- A long standing 2p2 account w/ no bad rep

- A high strategy to junk post ratio

- Be able to work programs like skype, logmein etc

- Cash NLHE as your main game.

- Willingness to help others.

- A headset or mic, heh.

What you don't need:

- To be playing higher stakes

- High previous earnings.

What you must NOT have:

- A smug attitude.

- A rigid style or unwillingness to expand your style.

- A superiority complex or argumentative nature.

- Any posts such as 'omg/fast/lol fold/shove'.

This would be a good example of someone with a good grasp of fundamentals and this a good example of attitude towards poker. I don't expect that level just that ambition.

The part i get out of this is that i play better when always explaining my thought process, i play better when i always have a clear goal in mind, i play more often when enjoying poker, i feel i will be getting more out of poker from helping you guys, i feel i will be more likely to force myself to keep on progressing with my game and i get to tell everyone 'i mentored him' when you win WSOP. I wont be charging anything for this, or putting ads on the site, or trying to make money from this.

My qualifications are played for 4 years beat 5/10 and 10/20 for 4 years. Currently playing exclusively 5/10 euro or 10/20 euro. 105k biggest ever month. 80k biggest ever downstreak (party blackjack 5k bets ha). Used to avg 14h/week for my first 3 years of playing, now trying to avg 32hr/week. Goal is a stress free poker career because of huge confidence in my game.

Apply in this thread with 1. How you are currently improving your game 2. Your poker goals. 3. Your current stakes and past earnings 4. A few examples of good strategy posts you have made. 5. A little about yourself. If you're capable and willing to run the site and videos include that in your reply. Please apply ONLY in this thread.

Lastly, after mentioning this to a few people it seems some other people might be interested in also being a mentor. If you are PM me.

edit: please please apply in the thread. you are only reducing your chances by PMing me. I've had 4 in the past 2 minutes already.
Old 11-19-2007, 12:10 PM
dkgojackets dkgojackets is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

I want to do this, seriously. Will answer all those questions in a bit.

Actually first I have to increase my strategy/BBV post ratio.
Old 11-19-2007, 12:13 PM
The Velour Fog The Velour Fog is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

omg/fast/lol fold/shove
Old 11-19-2007, 12:17 PM
Under dog Under dog is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

OP its folded round to you in the SB , you have 4 BB's left

You have AKs and are about to push when the BB says "CALL" and flips over 7 4o

Do you "gamble" or wait for a better spot?
Old 11-19-2007, 12:17 PM
Vavavoom Vavavoom is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free


I'm interested in this...

1. Improving my game with coaching from 2 people (2p2ers) at the moment... Speak to several other members on AIM regularly and looking to start having sweat sessions with them. Having a big change in my play at the moment...and sweating helps me keep discipline and stick to the new "aggressive" me.

2. Want to move up to 3/6 and or 5/10 and start earning a decent second income from Poker... I want to start playing more seriously and have less swings and breakeven streaks than I currently have...

3. Current Stakes are primarily 200NL with some 50c/$1 --- $2/$4 HU on Stars...I started off with 200 2 years ago and have made approx $20k from Poker .. Current Roll ~ $12k

4. The strategy posts that I have made are somewhat a little more difficult to find and post. I would say that I'm not a theory person. I read the books etc, but find it difficult to put those concepts down in text in posts. I will often say how I think what "I think" should have been done on hands, as opposed to creating some new theroem...and I read most threads in HSNL/MSNL and SSNL every day...

5. I'm a JUNK BOND BROKER in London. I'm 25, Male and used to be a holiday rep. I used to be fairly intelligent. I excel at a lot of sports and am great @ quizzes. I also DJ @ weddings and Birthdays...



:Edited to add:

* I have Skype/AIMPro/TeamViewer/MSN.
* I live in the UK and something I have found is that its difficult to get times for coaching that suit me and the coach/sweat session
Old 11-19-2007, 12:25 PM
dkgojackets dkgojackets is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

1. Mostly just reading books and strategy forums.
2. Play regularly (at least 10 hrs week) and win enough to move up to 200 NL in the short run.
3. Haven't played much since going to college, but I usually just played .10/.25 and just wanted to make a couple hundred extra bucks for spending money.
4. I don't really post in strategy forums, just read them.
5. 18 years old, freshman at Georgia Tech. Been playing for a couple years. I know I can do well if I'm motivated at all.
Old 11-19-2007, 12:28 PM
Al_Money Al_Money is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

1. How you are currently improving your game 2. Your poker goals. 3. Your current stakes and past earnings 4. A few examples of good strategy posts you have made. 5. A little about yourself.

1. Still posting a decent amount of strat, always reviewing my own hands, discussing hands with other good players. I'm also a Cardrunners member.

2. Eventually move up to 2/4+ and beat it. I'm very well rolled for 2/4 but I'd like to improve more before it becomes my regular game.

3. Current stakes are 1/2 with basically weekly shots at 2/4. Lifetime earnings are between 40k and 50k.

4. I don't have the time to wade through my strat posts and also I definitely reply to threads more than start them myself. I'll do this later when I have some time.

5. I'm a 20 year old student from the northeastern US. I've been playing NL cash seriously for around a year and a half. I am always looking for new ways to improve and this seems like a great opportunity.

Edit: I've played 245 hours and made around $14k in the last 5 months. I think it's worth noting that I have been trying to move up during this time and have been a small winner/breakeven player at 2/4, thus the lower amount won.
Old 11-19-2007, 12:28 PM
Jay. Jay. is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

Also to add, please state how many hours you have played in the last 5 months and earnings in that time.

and once again, PMs are now points because right now i'm in an inet cafe in Egypt and after this session i wont be online again until im home on wednesday morning and that's when i intend to pick the students, so i will have no chance to answer questions.
Old 11-19-2007, 12:34 PM
Pat Southern Pat Southern is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

1. I just completed BobboFito's 3 day coaching program. I flew out to Boston and stayed with him for 3 days putting in quite a bit of time going over the WHY something is right, rather than the WHAT is right (which I was previously focused on). I'm starting to realize that the only way to take my game to the next level is to improve my actual understanding of the game, rather than try to learn what moves good players use. In that time we transformed my game from 21/18 to 30/25.
Also, I spend a good ammount of time over AIM discussing hands with a group of people I've met through either the tables or 2+2.

2. I want to eventually be beating 5/10 to 10/20, maybe higher once I get there. But for now, if I reached that and it was my ceiling I'd still be very happy. Essentially I want to beat the games for enough $ to never NEED a job, and once I find a job or business venture I enjoy to still use poker as a nice supplemental income.

3. I moved up to 2/4 about 20k hands ago. I took a year long break after going out to Vegas for the WSOP in 2006. Put a little $ in around July and rebuilt my roll starting at .25/.50. this year I've made about $40k, lifetime probably around $150k through a myriad of games (limit, MTTs, SNGs)

4. I'm kinda lacking when it comes to strong strategy posts. A lot of that is because I wasn't that confident in my thought process before my coaching program with Bobbo. I knew what most of the correct moves were, and most of the time I knew why; however, in some of the more complex situations (usually where good posts come from) I was pretty unconfident. I had a few theory posts in MTT a loooong time ago, maybe I can drag those up.

5. I'm 22 and just graduated from UC Davis (in California) with an Econ degree. Eventually I will probably go onto some form of higher education, either getting an MBA or going to law school.
I took up poker because I needed a competitive outlet that used to be filled by high school sports. Mainly, because I wasn't good enough to play football at Davis.
Because the job market isn't that great I decided to just play poker rather than "work for the man." It's going fine thus far, but I'm hoping to break through to a higher level of thinking (and hopefully earning) by early next year. This is also the first time that I"ve ever put in significant hours. While in college I played maybe 8-10 hours a week, now I try to get in at least 25.
Old 11-19-2007, 12:36 PM
Hebel Hebel is offline
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Default Re: I will mentor you for free

I have been trying to beat online poker for almost two years now. I used to think I knew everything, as I had read super system AND watched lots of the wsop on TV. But it seemed I just couldnt figure out poker, and continually went busto.

Im determined to learn how to play this game. Currently I have dropped all the way down to nl 10 and nl25 to really work at it. I post almost exclusively in strat forums, and the ones i dont post in I lurk frequently.

All I want is to get a better understanding of how to win at this game. I am very committed to learning, and I think you will find me an agreeable student. Currently I am a junior at Georgetown University, a well known US institution.

Since my junior year is busy, I dont have that much time to play. But I am beating the microstakes for 9bb/100 at the moment.

I want to move up fast. Ideally I would like to play poker as a side income, grinding nl100 or 200 for a couple thousand a month.

Please give me serious consideration, as I the type of person who will be most dramatically affected by your mentoring.
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