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Old 11-25-2007, 08:20 PM
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Default Mountaineer trip report

I headed to Mountaineer Casino Resort and Racetrack for some poker action on November 22-23 (Thanksgiving and Black Friday) and played for ten hours, losing $90 between a six-hour session on Thanksgiving (-$50) and a four-hour session on Black Friday (-$40). I was all-in once, which I won. My stack was never lower than $200 before the start of a hand. I attribute my loss to three key hands, which I will discuss after a report on the room itself.

I knew about a month ago that I would be making this trip, so I've been keeping close tabs on the Mountaineer topic already started. I decided to start a new thread because the room I was in bore no semblance to a lot of what was discussed concerning the first couple weeks at the River Poker Room.

I found the room to be very well managed both in terms of efficiency and professionalism. The floor wasted no time opening a new table (assuming the dealer rotation allowed it) when the wait list for a particular game reached more than ten players. Every dealer I had new Texas Hold'em well enough to deal the game competently. There were a couple of honest mistakes that the floor corrected properly and to the satisfaction of all players. The complete 180-degree turn this room took from the first few reports to what I experienced was astonishing.

The highlight of the trip from a non poker standpoint occurred at about 11:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Sue received a table change to my table and upon sitting down immediately asked for a manager. When he arrived, she proceeded to cuss him out about the level of smoke that was able to seep into the room from the rail. She demanded that all smokers be told to stop because the law states that a "no smoking room" applies to the whole enclosed space and not just an area. The manager said that the policy would stand. She continued to bitch about the situation until the manager finally kicked her out. As she was leaving, the room erupted in applause. She spent the next hour writing in the corner. When she finally left the area she was breathing out of an oxygen mask.

As for the poker, I've read on here tales of terrible play like people calling down massive bets on every street with bottom pair and multi-way pots for $20 preflop raises, but I didn't see any of that during my ten hours of live play. Some players were certainly better than others, of course, but I didn't witness anything worse than one guy who bluffed too much and a couple of loose calls.

Bad hand number one:
I'm the big blind with Q [img]/images/graemlins/club.gif[/img]2 [img]/images/graemlins/diamond.gif[/img] and get to see the flop for free with $450 behind against three limpers (UtG, CO, and button) and the small blind who completed (pot = $10). I have the biggest stack among those in the hand.

Flop comes KT2 rainbow, and it is checked to the button who bets $5. The small blind calls, and I call getting at least 4-to-1 and not fearing a raise. The other limpers come along for the ride, too. Pot = $35

Turn is J [img]/images/graemlins/spade.gif[/img], which puts two spades on the board and gives me an OESD w/ bottom pair. Given the passive play on the flop I decide to make a play at the pot with a $25 bet after the SB checks. To my chagrin, UtG and the CO both call and then the button makes it $100. The SB folds, and I tank.

Minus rake, the pot is now $205. The raiser has just $56 behind, so it's either fold or raise at this point. I opt to raise as a squeeze play on the UtG and CO players. It works in that sense, as they both fold their flush draws, but the button instacalls with his AQ. I'm down to any remaining aces in the deck, and I miss. That hand cost me $163.

Bad hand number 2:
A new player who hadn't even gone through a cycle at the table is in the small blind. I get aces for the second consecutive hand (I won the previous hand uncontested with a $6 raise to $8). I'm in middle position with about $250 and have villain covered. There are already three limpers, so I raise to $15 in a $9 pot. Folds to villain in the SB who makes it $30 to go. Everyone folds to me, and I smooth call like the dummy I am.

Flop comes KT3 rainbow, and I instantly think I'm beaten, but I can't decide if he'd reraise with KT, so I have to respect KK here. Villain leads out $15 into the $48 pot, and I can't resist the price, so I call. Turn is a J with no flush possible. Villain bets $30 to give me about 7-to-2. If he has KT then my outs are 3, J, or Q. If he has KK then my outs are the Q or A. There's a slight chance my read is wrong, and I'm ahead with him holding AK, KQ, or QQ or behind if he reraised with JJ or TT. I decide to call. Pot = $138.

River is a blank, and villain checks. I check with a renewed hope of seeing QQ or AK, but he shows KT for the pot. I instantly hate myself for not re-raising all in before the flop, but I am comforted to only have lost $75 on the hand.

Bad hand #3:
I am in middle position when the dealer deals me the K [img]/images/graemlins/club.gif[/img] face up so that becomes the burn card. My two down cards are A [img]/images/graemlins/club.gif[/img]K [img]/images/graemlins/spade.gif[/img], and I am hating life. I decide to limp as do three other players before the SB makes it $17 to go. I fold thinking I'm up against a pocket pair and surmising that a lot of my outs are gone given three other players limping and one of the kings being burned. The villain gets one caller, and the flop comes KK2.

The problem with this play is I didn't consider the player. He had raised with 27o and J3o in similar situations (late to act with several limpers). He led out $25 on the flop and took down the ~$40 pot. He also showed a reraise bluff, so this guy is willing to get money in the pot. He had me covered, and the implied odds were there for a 2-to-1 (or better) call.

Overall, I really enjoyed the room. Stush wins the best dealer award for talking about his 80s girl fetish (Guess jeans with the triangle, big belts, and huge bangs are his thing). Nothing about what I saw made me think there were sharks in the water, but it wasn't nearly the fish tank I expected based on what I read here. I guess that makes me the fish!
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