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Old 09-23-2007, 12:24 AM
spike420211 spike420211 is offline
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Default odds for starters in 2-7TD

no, didn't go in the wcoop event- but i got 3rd in the 10.00 mtt @ stars this afternoon...
anyways, a couple of weeks ago i glommed onto Tim Cooper's beginner's guide over @ lowballguru' stuff, helps me a lot...
but what i'm dying to know is the odds to get various starting hands (2 with 2 wheel cards, 2-wheel-7, 2-4-6-8, etc.) i've figured out on my calculator that there's a 40%+
chance of having a 2 in your starting 5, and interpolating from my old draw poker tables, about 260:1 to get any pat 7.
the in-between stuff, the 1-,2-, and 3-card draws, leave me hopelessly lost...i know how to calc nPr and nCr, but it gets hella involved for 3 or 4 out of 5 cards.
Any help would be appreciated
p.s. the 3-card draw scenario was a what-if kinda thing, in case i'm inclined 2 play 2-3-rag-rag-rag on the button
[just once in a while, to mix things up, i KNOW i ain't 'sposed to]
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