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Old 11-20-2007, 07:50 PM
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Default The Revolution - Game Thread

September 23, 2012

<font color="blue">This is CNN Headline News</font>

<font color="blue">Good evening. Breaking news tonight - the president has called an emergency press conference and is approaching the podium right this minute. We take you live to the White House</font>

<font color="green">President Mitchell: "My fellow Americans. Earlier today our terrorism response unit uncovered an elaborate plan to set off a series of "dirty bombs" in several major American cities. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of federal, state, and local authorities we were able to find and diffuse bombs in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Houston. Due to their bravery, intelligence, and quick response millions of American lives were saved.

Never before has such a thorough, well coordinated, and deadly attack been attempted against our nation. While we do not have all the details we have reason to believe that these attacks were not planned, funded, and executed by individuals but rather a large, powerful group with great influence both here in America and abroad. We also have evidence that this was merely the first of a series of attacks that are planned. We are safe now, but we must be more vigilant than ever before to ensure our continued safety in the face of this grave threat.

Although we have thwarted these attempted acts of terrorism it is now clear that our country faces a more serious threat than any we have faced over our long history. We face a war on our own soil whose stakes are no less than the life of every man, woman, and child in our great nation. To respond to this threat we must be more capable, more vigilant, and more united than we have ever been before.

After consultation with the Vice President, the Secretary of Defense, and numerous members of both Houses of Congress I have decided that the only way to properly respond to this threat is to suspend the Constitution and declare our nation under martial law. Starting at 9:00 PM this evening there will be a national curfew. All prices for goods are services will be frozen immediately to prevent profiteering and price gouging. All elections will be postponed indefinitely to ensure continuity. Army and National Guard commanders are already in contact with State and Local law enforcement agencies so that they can coordinate their efforts and stop any future threats to the safety and security of our cities.

The details of this declaration have been provided to every major news outlet with instructions to supply those details as widely and as quickly as possible. I ask that all of you stay tuned in for a few minutes after I'm done speaking here to see those details. I know that this is a dangerous time and a scary time, but together we can make it through. Goodnight, and God Bless America."</font>



"Did you just see that? Did you hear what he just said?"

"Yeah, I heard it, I can't believe that Bastard actually did it"

"I've been telling you this was coming, ever since he took office he's been waiting for his excuse, and now he has it. I know we said we were putting it on the backburner but it can't wait any longer! We've talked and talked and now it's time to act!"

"......sigh.....I was dreading this but I think you're right - we'll talk more tomorrow"

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