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Old 11-27-2007, 04:41 AM
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Default 2 donk bets from the same player

live 20 UTG, game is playing kind of small with a $2K max BI, BB starts w/ $2000, I have the same, MP covers.

BB has been playing tight and plays well, usually bets pot anytime he bets, and MP plays aggressively and is solid, a tough spot for me as he's on my immediate left, however we're friendly and there's a mutual vibe between us where we probably wont play a big pot. I'm even in the game and both players respect my play.

I open to $70 from UTG+2 w/ AA, MP calls, BB calls.


9-9-5 rb

BB checks, I bet $180, both players call.

6 (makes a club draw possible)

BB leads out for $300. He hasn't gotten out of line, but I often will see a PP take this line b/c they put me on AK etc.

I muck, largely b/c there's a player behind me. Anyone disagree?

That hand sets up the next hand a few orbits later;

Again there's $20 UTG, and again I open to $70 w/ QQ.

BB is the same as earlier, and he calls. Stacks are $2500. He called with a bit of hesitation. Straddle calls as well.


J-2-3 w/ a heart draw

check, check, I bet $220, BB thinks, then calls, straddle folds.


6, offsuit, he leads for $500-

What's your action here? And plz give a line assuming he a) didn't show you a hand in the previous hand, b) showed a hand < AA in the previous hand.



edited: BB leads for $300 in the first hand.
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