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Old 08-21-2007, 04:16 PM
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Default Trip Report: The Dentist

So... I had a cavity for the first time in over a decade and I went to see the dentist today.

Walked in, he drilled for 12, maybe 15 seconds. Shoved some filling in the hole, sucked out the excess (with his tongue, not the vacuum thing ldo), I paid, and then talked to a few of the dentists, we were just chilling and having a good time

but out of no where one of them slaps me in the back of the head ala rick james and bellows "I was talking to you mother [censored]." I face to turn to him and I'm right under his nose. I shove him a few feet back and my friends howl with laughter. The guy then preceeds to bust out a knife. Normally, I would be scared shitless in this situation, but being buzzed combined with the tense atmosphere, I simply knock it out of his hands with a backhanded bitch slap that would make any pimp proud. I then grab by his shirt and trip him. I start wailing on him left and right before one of his friends socks me in the back of my head. I am dazzled for a few seconds before I quickly counter with a mean hook of my own. Now, I never boxed before but a friend of mine who does taught me how to punch properly (basically, it's all in the rotation of your hips and a well timed release of your punch). After knocking subject B to the floor I turn around to grab the third guy by the collar as he was about to punch me and trip him to the floor. My friends at this point are rolling on the floor laughing. I started wailing on the third kid and my friends, laughing their asses off, pull me off him. The party is deadstill with all eyes on me and I've never in my life felt a bigger adrenaline rush than in those 5 minutes. We walk out of the party and hop onto the next one.

now im eating taco bell
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