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Old 11-14-2006, 05:52 PM
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Default Welcome To Medium Stakes LHE

Welcome to the Medium Stakes LHE forum on 2+2!

* This forum is for limit holdem hands in the range of 10/20 to 40/80. Other stakes are certainly acceptable if posters want to share with specific people in this forum or if a particular game plays like a Medium Stakes game. Feel free to post 50/100 or 60/120 hands here if you regularly post 30/60, and if you have a 9/18 or 8/16 hand you'd prefer to put here as opposed to Small Stakes, that's probably OK too. I'll use very mild discretion when moving threads posted with improper stakes to other forums.

* All No-Limit hands will be moved regardless of stakes. A lot of people mistake this forum for NLHE, which is easy to do given their proximity on the sidebar and the same name. Please double check which forum you're in before posting LHE or NLHE hands.

* Hand posts from games with 6 or fewer players generally go in the Short-handed forums. Please keep all 6-max hands over there -- the posters are exceptionally smart and both SH forums have terrific advice and moderators.

* However, if you're playing a live full-ring game that is temporarily short-handed and you think it belongs here, that's perfectly acceptable. Plenty of hands contain strategy applicable to full ring games, even if played heads up or short-handed.

* Limit strategy forums like this one are primarily for hand posts. We like the questions to be specific and play-oriented. Occasionally, more general questions will come up, like how to play blinds, what kind of stats people have for a given limit/website, and other related topics. These can often be good threads, but for the most part if you have a general Holdem question, please post it in the General Texas Hold'Em forum or the Beginners Forum (if it's really elementary). There are also excellent forums here regarding Books & Publications, Brick & Mortar casinos, and Software. If your question pertains to those subjects more than the play of a given hand, try posting it there for better help.

* All debate, discussion, and criticism is open and welcome, as long as you stay away from outright flaming and personal attacks. I won't be censoring much at all, since I'm a pretty hands-off type of guy and I'm not a control freak. If you're offended by any discussion or think I should step in, feel free to PM me. Live and let live -- let's be mature, intelligent poker players with free-flowing advice and strategy content. Medium Stakes has some of the best limit players I've ever seen on the web, and I continue to learn from them every day. The more we share and discuss, the better our game will get.


* P.S. The only semi-nitty thing I'm really going to do as moderator is urge all users here to read the forum in FLAT mode. Go to your home page, find the setting that toggles between flat and threaded, and do your thing. Once you've switched, you'll never go back -- and you'll realize all the time you've wasted since you joined. Most people here do this anyway, but some people -- even veteran posters -- make the mistake of reading in threaded mode and it slows down a lot of discussion. Sure, it makes it easier to grunch, but otherwise you end up missing out on a ton and it takes forever to read any kind of thread, doing nothing but clicking in and out of one-line posts.

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