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Old 10-02-2007, 03:27 PM
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Default ** THE GUIDE: to Topics and Great Threads in the Lounge (Updated)**

This is the resource guide for topics and great threads in the Lounge. It's also courtesy of DB, but he didn't want his name at the top of the forum anymore.

Update 7/13/2007 by MrWookie: I added MrMon's excellent Value Spirits thread. Anyone who's looking for some great things to pick up at the liquor store w/o breaking the bank should check it out. Then while I was at it, I added "Ask the Lounge about Men," Mrs. Utah's food thread, the fashion thread, and the lindy hop thread.

If you want anything added, please post it here

May B&S Thread (for random chit-chat)
WTF News - May 07

Translation Game
Best Movie/TV Couple
BLANK SLATE - katyseagull
BLADE RUNNER - kayseagull
AtoZ Comedy Movie Titles - katyseagull

A Different Sort of Trip Report - John Cole
Follow up to a Different Sort of Trip Report - john Cole
My Last Hunt - Myrtle
Andalusia - Enrique
ask Josem about living in Australia - Josem
a crew, a deer, and a new film (an uber-long trip report) - pryor15
fishin in maine - pryor15

Post if your wife is pregnant - dcasper70
Post a Childhood Memory - Katyseagull
Chicken and Jelly...A Childhood Memory Myrtle
nice guys finish last - X-Factor
Family drama with manipulative father - RayPowers
Parents who demand a lot - katyseagull
Have kids or separate - Carter
Grandparents - Mrs Utah
letting go of the kids - entertainme
raising kids and the internet - carter
Are today's parents enabling their kids to be self-centered? - Myrtle

Ask the 2+2 Ladies - 2+2 Ladies
Ask the Lounge about Men - MrWookie et al.
Ask Mrs Utah about Birthin Babies - Mrs Utah
Ask me anything - Mat Sklansky
Ask Anacardo Anything - Anacardo
About London/the English - Carter
ask me about growing up with a bi-polar parent - fishwhenican
ask Josem about living in Australia - Josem
Ask me about: living in Indian Country or frontier Montana - fishwhenican
Ask me about hunting - fishwhenican

OOT/Lounge Film Repository - Carter
What movies have you watched recently - Katyseagull
DVD Club
Shot-by-shot through "L'Attente" - Pryor15
Death of Bullwinkle - Pryor15
Trashy Movie Lovers' Thread
Film and Editing Techniques - samsdmf
a crew, a deer, and a new film (an uber-long trip report) - pryor15
random thoughts on no-budget filmmaking - pryor15
2006 Film Award Thread
Complete Bond Film Review - Five-Star
my 10 best films from 2006 - dominic

TV Shows
What TV are you watching tonight - Sniper
Howard Stern Show
MASH - The TV Series - JJNJustin
How Lost's Second Season Killed The Best Show In TV History - Madtown
100 TV Shows I Love - Carter
Twin Peaks - Episode by Episode

TLR Beer Club - MrWookie
Cooking in the Lounge - Katyseagull
Cheese and Wine Thread - Mat Sklansky
Buca di Beppo/Chain restaurant review - JJNJustin
WD-50 restaurant review - britspin
Best Value Spirits - MrMon
The Lounge Cooking Challenge and Food Thread - Mrs. Utah

Sisters - A Work In Progress - Gorie
Pictures - Zion, Bryce Canyon, many more parks from the 4 Corners area - suzzer99
photos - expressive faces - Mrs Utah

The most important innovations in history
Historical Events you've witnessed personally - Coffee
Miscellaneous Events in history - Carter
The Battle of Agincourt - Exsubmariner
Battle of Iwo Jima - Exsubmariner
Battle of Stalingrad - Exsubmariner
Battle of Pharsalus (Ceasar vs Pompey) - Exsubmariner
Battle of The Nile - Exsubmariner
Lepanto - Exsubmariner
Agincourt - Exsubmariner
USS Archerfish - Exsubmariner
The Battle of Kadesh - Exsubmariner
Guagamela - Exsubmariner
Battle of Isandlwana - Exsubmariner

Anarchocapitalism with Borodog

Writing Competition: Entries + Discussion
The Lounge Poetry Thread - samsdmf
Books about Rock/Metal/Punk - Pete H
What Books have you read recently - Enrique
Letter to a Christian Nation - dominic
The Fog of War by Robert McNamara - TIEdup14

Fashions You Love/Hate - diebitter
Borodog and MrWookie talk Lindy Hop Shop - Borodog
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