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Old 11-24-2007, 11:08 PM
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Default goal setting; the short term

my life always seems to be at its best when i am working toward easily defineable goals. sadly, i very often forget that and just muddle thorugh life. those times suck and i am tried of them. i want to set some financial goals for the short term (monthly basis) and on one of the blogs i read i saw a good suggestion.

the blogger (the simple dollar) aims to increase his net worth every month. now this seems simple enough to strive for, but i wonder as both a professional gambler*, and more importantly somebody who has 75% of their net worth in diversified index funds (i would say 90% of my index fund assets are stocks of some sort) is this a wise monthly goal? i mean i could have a GREAT month financially (cut spending, invest a ton) and lose money overall or have a HORRIBLE month (spend a ton) and yet make money overall due to variance in the market.

thoughts and/or suggestions?

*online poker mostly, and lots of it so losing months aren't likely really
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