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Old 11-28-2007, 12:19 PM
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Default 5/10 NL AQs facing squeeze

Villian has been 3 betting me a lot preflop, but I consider a good player:
His stats
usual 3 - 25/18/3
AF by street - 2.4/6.4/4.0/2.3
WTSD, W$SD - 30/47

FullTiltPoker - $5/$10 - No Limit Hold'em -
Seat 1: CO ($1,803.20)
Seat 2: Hero ($1,857)
Seat 3: SB ($1,024)
Seat 4: Villian ($1,035)
Seat 5: ($1,362)
Seat 6: ($1,077)
posts the small blind of $5
Villian posts the big blind of $10
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [Ah Qh]
2 folds
CO raises to $35
Hero calls $35 <font color="red">&lt;--- I had just beaten CO the previous hand when he had KK and I flopped trips. I c/r he shoves I call and hold up. I figured I'd try not reraising. Plus, both blinds were 3 betting/squeezing all night</font>
SB folds
Villian raises to $145
CO folds
Hero calls $110 <font color="red">&lt;--- I believe this is my first mistake. I should have reraised here, maybe even shoved, agree?</font>
*** FLOP *** [4d As Jc]
Villian has 15 seconds left to act
Villian bets $220
Hero calls $220 <font color="red">&lt;-- going for pot control, but probably should raise, agree? (I think I've run AQ into AK so many times recently I was trying to be cautious)</font>
*** TURN *** [4d As Jc] [5c]
Villian checks
Hero checks <font color="red">&lt;-- I have no idea what I was thinkin, obvious pot control, but villian has less than pot behind, so I think it's shove or check. Should I not be checking to catch the bluff on river?</font>
*** RIVER *** [4d As Jc 5c] [Tc]
Villian bets $670, and is all in
Hero has 15 seconds left to act
Hero has requested TIME
Hero folds
Uncalled bet of $670 returned to Villian
Villian mucks
Villian wins the pot ($767)

Hopefully I've analysed this hand enough, however, am I even right in my analysis?

As played, do you call or fold river? I think if a blank comes say 8s, I would have been more inclined to call. Agree?
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Old 11-28-2007, 02:59 PM
coldi coldi is offline
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Default Re: 5/10 NL AQs facing squeeze

i wouldnt have been inclined to call at all. Youre just beating a pure bluff; JJ TT have a Set, AK AJ AT has you beat and so on i think its a fold. But calling the hand twice sucks bad imo.
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