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Default FRNL Oct-Nov 2007 Double Digest

It's a Double Digest this month because I was so excited about 24 tabling on Stars that I missed doing a Digest for October. So pull up a chair, prepare the beverage of your choice - preferably something warm because it's [censored] cold outside - and settle in. This is gonna be a long one!

As always, if I've missed anything good please post in this thread.

Monthly and Ongoing Threads
*** Official October Chat Thread: The Purple Goose ***
***Official November Chat Thread: The Golden Duck***

***Official October Graphs/Results Thread***
Nov Goals Thread
*** Official November Graphs/Results & December Goals Thread ***

10-8 Session Pairings
10-22 Session Review Pairings
11-5 Review session Pairings
11-26 Session Review Pairings

FRNL'er Blogs (Updated Live) Currently 27 Blogs Covered!

** New & Improved ** Pokerstars Regulars Thread
*** New improved FTP regulars thread - all limits***
Bodog Regulars..
Cake Poker Regs?
Micro FR discussion

Full Ring 101 Questions - N00Bs ask here

***Official Picture Thread***

Special Events and Forum News
The_Main's Full Ring Challenge

You can now play more tables at Stars.

The Well: TOO EAZY 11/05/07
The Well: nation 11/08/07
The Well: the_main 11/22/07

Mike Kelley Pooh-Bah: Flop min-bet Theorem 10/15/07

(Semi-LC)Your favorite 2+2 thread is...

Video Archive Thread

NL25 video (bottomset)
NL50 video (bottomset)
100NL - 9tabling Video (Split Suit)
100NL - 9tabling Vid2 (Split Suit)
NL2 4 tables (Hklm8383) (En franšais)

Poker Theory and Application Discussions
small pairs UTG and UTG+1 NL25 & 50
Raising Limpers in LP and Ranges
What do you do against REGULARS who 3-BET you alot??
FR Theory: KTs on the button, 3 limpers in front
You are delt 88...
Why do we steal with Axs?
When to play smaller unsuited connectors
Medium Pairs and Marginal Broadway Hands - To Raise or Not to Raise?
PBP: Renton Theorem zohmygod

NL25 when c-bets don┤t work (theory)
Post Flop Play - Passive Better Than Aggressive...discuss
Villain keeps calling my preflop raises and minraising my C-bets

Bankroll Management and Moving Up
Bankroll question re: moving up to 50NL
Rising through the stakes, TL DR.
Managing your bankroll
Moving Up (tl;dr)
Multi-table or move-up?
What happens to winrate as you move up levels?

AIM conversation w/ A Deep Balla about positional stats
out of position: outplayed by gamblers
Poker Theory: Position and Blind Defence


M2TR shortstacker illuminati thread
RYANCMU teaches struggling NL50 and NL100 players
Running well, and the inevitable reality check
PL vs NL: Differences
In your estimation, is 10NL real poker?
Playing Setup and Health
How do you deal with the variance at low limits?
Leak, leak, leak! What's your leak?
Preflop/flop raising strategy (longish)
Full Ring : which site to choose
"opening up" at uNL = drop in bb/100?
FR Theory: Random thoughts on different stack sizes and playing them
Overbetting: When to use it?

Quality Hand Analysis and Other Discussion
NL 5 -- Pocket 5's, hit a set in multi-way pot

NL10 - Flopped nuts - trying to extract maximum value.

25NL: JJ OOP facing river overbet
25NL AA vs paired flop.
NL25: Lost value? Very basic newbie question.
25NL QQ in 4bet pot
NL $25 - Resteal from the blind gone wrong?
$25NL TP on paired board
25NL KQs in the BB, is this horrible?
25NL Value Extraction with quads

NL 50 Deep: AK 3 betted PF
$50 Very basic c-bet question
50NL...set play - ill c/r him on the turn...
$50 JJ Can I play this profitably?
50NL - Post/special - Line Check

NL 100: AQ vs 2p2er
100NL: Value Bet River vs. Nit?
NL100: Boat on the river and passive villain raises. Line check please
100NL Top set against unknown
100NL: Float on Paired Board
100NL QQ hand vs 2p2er
NL 100: AKo Squeeze

200NL: Bottom two pair from BB
1/2 AJ vs pattay river decison
1/2, QQ vs aggro player on scary board
$200NL - Hows My Line?
200 NL, extremely thin value bet, or am I going crazy here?
200 NL, QQ kinda deep against 4-bet.
200NL - 2 Really Sick River Decisions
$200NL: AA fold river here?
200nl: butchered set with 77 on ak7 board
200nl: I don't cbet TP in pos, leads to 2 bets from villain.
200nl: Overbet bluff in 3 bet pot.
1/2: Thought it was a Cooler
200NL - AQs - Multiway Pot With 2p2er

400nl (KK on button facing 4 bet)
400: TT on the River
400: What do you call me with here?
400: Probably standard...
2/4: Can he really bluff c/minraise the turn?
NL400 SICK laydown with KK somewhat deep

600: I Know We All Hate It But..

1000NL is this standard with AK?
I took a very weird line but I really love the way I played this hand
5/10: puke?
nl1000 set Kings

nl2000 KK
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