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Old 11-22-2007, 10:06 AM
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Default Playing Against Supper LAGgards

OK. Live Casino Play $1/$2 Blind NL TxHE

I have been experimenting introducing different styles into my game as needed. It took some time to get used to more Laggy styles, but I am finally getting comfortable with the swings that come with a more LAG game.

Last night I was having a very good (for me) night at one of the local casinos. I was starting to run the table. There was one stack that was making me drool - a woman who was a COMPLETE Calling Station had hit a hot streak of catching her Flushes and Straights or seeing her lonely Ax take the pot. She had built a stack that was destined to disappear and I planned on being the primary beneficiary of that little insurance policy - if I could manage to tolerate her habit of slow rolling EVERY STINKING hand.

My plan was starting to work very well when a new guy sat at the table two seats to my left. I had played with him before, but he didn't recognize me. He is a very good player - very aggressive and can quickly take control of a table. Early on, he lost several big pots, including one to the Calling Station at the end of the table and two to me where I had pocket Ks each time.

He stated that his intention was to bust me, but to do so in a humiliating manner, he wanted to suck out, preferably on the River with rags against another one of my Monster Hands. He had only seen me play Monsters so far, so pegged me as a Rock. I shook off his challenge (even though it was clearly meant to be rude) and said: "Absolutely, suck out on the River against me, just as long as you jump up and do a little dance in my face and shout out 'PASS THE SUGAR' or something equally clever."

From that point on whenever I was in a hand - he used his position on me to raise $20 - $30 preflop (remember, we are playing $1/$2 NL TxHE) - He'd look at me and say: "Just for you buddy" as he raised. I tried not to let it bother me, but playing against Super LAGgards does knock me out of my comfort zone. I was tired from a long session and could probably have made a better adjustment if I'd been fresh.

My basic reaction is to recognize that he has opened up his game and is playing rags against me looking to hit a big Flop to out-play me then. Most times if I'd come in for a Limp out of position with a marginal hand and he pumped the pot like this, I just let my $2 go. If I actually had a very good hand I came back over the top on him and take his $ preflop. A $30 hand is fine for me.

Since I was tired and way ahead, I decided I didn't need to play with this guy. So after a few hands where I scooped his $ and never gave him the opportunity to isolate me, I gathered up my chips and left for the evening. As he watched me rack nearly $900 of chips he said: "So I guess you bought in 4 or 5 times and just finally got even, so now you're leaving?"

I just smiled and said: "Yeah, something like that"

What advice do you have for playing a strong LAG player like this guy who has position and wants to force a confrontation?
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