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Old 02-07-2007, 07:05 PM
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Default Resource Guide (And Other Useful/Excellent) Thread List

I'll be adding "resource" type threads here so people can quickly find general interest resource threads easily. Might also try to update w/ other threads I find noteworthy, we'll see. Feel free to start new threads related to these topics, these are intended as a guide to finding lots of broad info here on various subjects. To suggest additions to this list, post comments in the Thread Suggestions thread.


Indie Music Thread


Classic Songs



Screenwriting/Filmmaking info

Wong Kar Wai

Good Obscure Movies

Restaurants/Dining (see travel as well for city specific recs)

Indian Food

Dumpling Houses

Benchmark dishes for restauarant evaluation

Korean Food


Sushi Trip Reports


Not Well Known (+Evan suggesting world famous Les Halles) Restaurant Recs in various cities

High-end dining discussion and reviews

Thai food

Chinese food

Signature dishes

Michelin Restaurants

Great Finds at Whole Foods

Breads and Cheeses



Bachelor Food (super simple cooking thread)

Cookbook Reviews

Recipes Thread!

Drink (see travel for Napa recs)


Simple (mixed) drinks





Cheap wine!

Italian Wine

50 Wines You Can Trust


General Fashion for Men stuff

Dressing more professionally

Fashion for the big guy


Manpurses (bags/briefcases/portolios/etc)

Track Jackets

Books & Stuff

Book recommendations (Jan/Feb 07)

Required Reading Recs

Humorist Writers


Getting into Writing

General Writing Tips

Books on Tape

Electronics / Technology

Home theater / electronics

Really Good Software Products


Other Stuff to Buy

High-end stuff that's worth it

High-end personal care products

Cigar Thread

Science / Tech

Great Experiments



Starting a business

Investing / investing books


Traders/hedge fund discussion

Investment Strategy discussion

Business/finance/career personal stories


Europe Trip

Buenos Aires / Argentina



San Francisco Bay Area recommendations

NYC recommendations

Los Angeles recommendations

Atlanta recommendations

SF -> Seattle Road Trip planning


Other Stuff



Cats, Dogs, and other Pets

ADD / Dyslexia


Tipping (LOCKED!)



Street art phenomena


Old 02-07-2007, 07:25 PM
El Diablo El Diablo is offline
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Default Re: Resource Guide Thread List

Other good resource threads from OOT:

Sandwich tips

Book recs Apr 06(w/ more book thread links)

Book Recs Oct 06

Blog recs

Trader Joe's recs

Whiskey Thread (I'll start a good one in this forum soon!)

Alt covers of pop songs

Help Diablo become a world famous producer/DJ

Special OOT Bacon section

Bacon (starts off crappy, but improves bigtime)

Oven Bacon
Old 02-08-2007, 05:36 PM
El Diablo El Diablo is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Parts Unknown
Posts: 33,802
Default Re: Resource Guide Thread List

The following threads are of the "life story" or "ponderings on existence" or "relationship thoughts" types or something like that. Don't bump these unless you have a really good reason (I'll lock threads once I feel they are pretty much done in terms of new discussion/content). I think a lot of members will find them interesting, though. A lot of interesting stories.

JaredL on being lazy and smart and maybe not achieving max potential

adsman on changing his life

James on taking advantage of $$/flexibilty from poker

gumpzilla on drive

Deez on relative levels of like/love in relationships

Cardo on what it's all about (locked)

Bruiser wondering why we write

Yeti on happiness

natedogg on kids

teddyfbi (and many others) on playing poker v getting a job

The Dude Converts

Why The Dude Converted
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