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Old 11-09-2007, 10:58 AM
Andrew Beall Andrew Beall is offline
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Default kenny tran & railbirds

nestea8 (Observer): kenny
nestea8 (Observer): what stakes u play live????
Dealer: boycie56 wins the pot ($19)
Dealer: Hand #4117631006
Kenny Tran: biggest or normal?
nestea8 (Observer): both
KlPPER (Observer): both
Vive La France (Observer): bith
Vive La France (Observer): both
Kenny Tran: lately been playing lot of 100 200
Kenny Tran: nl
Dealer: sprediton has 15 seconds left to act
Kenny Tran: n biggest is 1k 2k nlh
Vive La France (Observer): wtf
KlPPER (Observer): u sit with 500k?

Vive La France (Observer): 500 K
gR1ndin_baby (Observer): 500k is nothing

KlPPER (Observer): u should get on 'high stakes poker' would be great to
Vive La France (Observer): tks for chating with rails kenny
gR1ndin_baby (Observer): LOL
Kenny Tran: im on next opne
Dealer: Kenny Tran has 15 seconds left to act
nestea8 (Observer): next what?
Kenny Tran: season 5
KlPPER (Observer): excellent

Kenny Tran: one
KlPPER (Observer): high stakes
Vive La France (Observer): yhea will you make 100K sick call ?
KlPPER (Observer): looking forward to it
gR1ndin_baby (Observer): kenny where did u reg for hsp?
Kenny Tran: made 225k call with Ace high last week
Vive La France (Observer): wow
Kenny Tran: thats what jamie gold said
KlPPER (Observer): lol SICK CALL KENNY

Kenny Tran: made 225k call with Ace high last week
Kenny Tran: made 225k call with Ace high last week

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