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Old 01-25-2007, 02:50 AM
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Default QUICK advice needed on Optimal Satellite Strategy - Borgata WPT

I'll be playing in two satellites tomorrow - a $250 satellite that awards one seat for every 40 entrants and a $500 satellite that awards one for every 20 entrants. Both have starting chip stack of 5,000 with blind levels at 25 minutes and 30 minutes for the $250 and $500, respectively

The $250 sat usually has about 4 seats given away. The $500 sat usually awards 6-7 seats.

I have to get to the final table to get a seat for both sats. What is the bet strategy to use in early stages of the tournament when blinds are low relative to chip stack? Should I be in a chip accumulation mode where I take some risks (re-pushing w/ 12 outers on flop, taking on coin-flips via calling all-in w/ PPs, etc). Or should I just be in survival mode where I only play premium hands until I get blinded down and then start using the <10xBB push strategy? Btw, should I perhaps think about lowering my short-stack standards to 6-7 BBs instead? Going into push mode after I hit 10BBs seems to be causing me to become reckless in picking my spots to push.

So far I've been playing chip-accumulation style where I raise alot preflop and put pressure on people postflop. An example of one I played today:

I raise in LP to 300 w/ Tc8c at 50/100 blinds. My stack was around 7,500, his was around 5,000. Flop comes Qc 7h 6c. I bet 1500 and he raises to 1500. I repush and after agonizing for somtime, he calls w/ KcJc and spikes a club on the river. After this hand, I tightened up with my 2500 stack and got dwindled down to 2100 with blinds at 100/200 to which I pushed in BB w/ 8c5c when there were 5 limpers in the pot. Limper from UTG called with AKo and I'm out. Is pushing in BB w/ marginal hands to take down limpers' money a decent strategy to use in a satellite?

Any advice is appreciated Thanks.
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Old 01-25-2007, 02:56 AM
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Default Re: QUICK advice needed on Optimal Satellite Strategy - Borgata WPT

There are a couple of very good threads listed in the Anthology at the top of the page. Personally, I don't play a satellite any differently until the bubble is approaching or I have an enormous / ridiculous stack. Once you reach the bubble a lot of your decisions are counterintuitive. For example, in a normal freezeout you often pick on the medium stacks and avoid attacking the large stacks. In a satellite, the best strategy is often attacking the big stacks who can avoid taking risks while still winning their seat. But read those two posts and ask more questions if you have them.
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Old 01-25-2007, 04:49 AM
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Default Re: QUICK advice needed on Optimal Satellite Strategy - Borgata WPT

You want to be a little more survival oriented early, but play it pretty much like an MTT.

I played in one yesterday with one seat per 40 players. They have 25 minute levels and large antes. You just have to pushbot like in a live daily MTT.

I busted out 28th for 4 seats with blinds 1500/3000/500 when CO made it 9000 and I pushed for 16500 from button with AQo. He had K9o and made top pair on the river. I was getting ready to push in the dark any time the BB was not pot committed. At that point average that was about 27K. Had 23K with blinds 1000/2000/300, but got blinded down.

With 8600 and blinds 400/800/100, I pushed at limper with ATo. He was old guy with bad vision and probably didn't expect overbet push, so misread my stack size and called me with A3s and I doubled up. With blinds 600/1200/200, I open push for 18K from SB with A8o. With blinds 600/1200/200, short stack pushes for 2200; I push from SB with J3s to shut out short stack in BB, and beat A5o. With blinds 1000/2000/300, I push for 17K from 3rd position with 33 and take the pot. With blinds 1000/2000/300, big stack in SB completes; I push for 17K from BB with J3o.

These were the kind of plays I was making, so it is hardly satellite strategy as described in Adanthar's posts. Real satellite strategy probably doesn't apply much until there is a 3-1 or less ratio of players to seats.
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