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Old 11-29-2007, 02:10 PM
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Default 2+2ers hitting up a play money site?

I have evidence which suggests some top 2+2ers are playing online for PLAY MONEY!!!!

A very old friend of mine has been working hard for some years to set up a play money site at which you can play against (ahem) bots as well as real players. It has some nice features and some real novelties, e.g. they model your play and create a "virtual you" who continues playing for play money when you're not there.

I just looked at the home page and some names jumped out at me: there are now virtual players called PokerBob, Joe Tall, Scary_Tiger, DeathDonkey and c dee c.

Have you guys been splashing around for play money or is my friend taking your names in vain?

If there's interest and if it's not considered spam I'll reveal the name of the site; but I was very tickled to see those names on the list. Is it really you?

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