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Old 11-28-2007, 04:24 PM
pmarrsouth pmarrsouth is offline
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Default Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

Obv I knew this was a scam from the start, I talked to him for so long to get as much info out of him as possible.. His PS name is Aceinsleeve6

AbsolutePkrMngr: Hello Sir.
AbsolutePkrMngr: How are you today?
pmarrsouth: great thanks
pmarrsouth: u?
AbsolutePkrMngr: I am a representative of
AbsolutePkrMngr: if you have a few moments i would like to talk to you about some bonuses and thigns that are going on with our site.
pmarrsouth: goon
AbsolutePkrMngr: Sorry sir?
pmarrsouth: go on
AbsolutePkrMngr: Oh sorry i thought you were calling me a goon.
AbsolutePkrMngr: Well we are looking for new players and before december 1st we are offering ridiuculous bonuses. we are also starting a 25 man online poker team of 25 random players there will be pros such as the grinder to help them.
AbsolutePkrMngr: we stake our online poker team as well
pmarrsouth: ok
AbsolutePkrMngr: some of the bonuses if you decided to come to absolute poker would be
AbsolutePkrMngr: 65% rake every month on he 12th and 300% deposit bonus with no fpp required there is a one week cashout restricition on it though and you can only deposit from 100-500
AbsolutePkrMngr: first time deposit bonus.
pmarrsouth: i like to deposit $2K+ at a time
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes you can
pmarrsouth: can this be accomodated?
AbsolutePkrMngr: but u wilyou will on receive the bonus for 500 of those dollers
AbsolutePkrMngr: which would be 1500 bonus
pmarrsouth: I would want the full $6K
AbsolutePkrMngr: so if you deposited 2000 you would receive 3500
AbsolutePkrMngr: i am not sure about this sir. but i will ask my boss.
AbsolutePkrMngr: what would be your deposit methods?
pmarrsouth: obv neteller
AbsolutePkrMngr: one moment please i will talk to my boss.
pmarrsouth: ok
AbsolutePkrMngr: My boss has a propsotion for you.
AbsolutePkrMngr: if you are interested.
pmarrsouth: go on
AbsolutePkrMngr: There are no bonus codes that would allow this bonus of 2000 dolelrs for 300%
AbsolutePkrMngr: he is willing to create teh account if send him the 2000 and he wil ltake car of you persoanlly and create your account but you must only play on absolute and we will give you a bonus code to give to otehr players with this bonus code you give to other players they receive 35% rake everytmonth you receive 15% of ther rake andwe get 50%
AbsolutePkrMngr: you would be a candidate for online poker team.
AbsolutePkrMngr: Sorry about my writing i am european english is hard for me sometimes.
pmarrsouth: what has that got to do with it?
AbsolutePkrMngr: what does it have to do with me?
pmarrsouth: i know people from europe who have perfect english
AbsolutePkrMngr: i have rough time.
AbsolutePkrMngr: do not udnerstand all your americans humor.
pmarrsouth: what part of europe are you from?
AbsolutePkrMngr: im in amersterdam sir?
AbsolutePkrMngr: oops .
AbsolutePkrMngr: meant to put period
pmarrsouth: nice
AbsolutePkrMngr: you can contact my boss if you are interested we can set you up today thr will be a 1 week cashout restriciton on your 6000 though
AbsolutePkrMngr: my boss uses msn not aim.
pmarrsouth: ok, so i open an account on AP
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes he will create the accoutn for you and deposit the 6000 manually as long as you uphold your side of the bargain
pmarrsouth: i get paid to play on CD poker
AbsolutePkrMngr: which is to beocome and affilate and give out bonus codes and bbring more custoemrs to teh site
AbsolutePkrMngr: if you are being paid by cd poker then we will not interfear with your buisness
AbsolutePkrMngr: but we would liek you to paly on absolute if posible
AbsolutePkrMngr: and encourage other players to paly on site and use your bonus code
pmarrsouth: where did you get my AIM from?
AbsolutePkrMngr: there will be tryouts for our online poekr team before january
pmarrsouth: and what is the bonus code?
AbsolutePkrMngr: My boss has given me a list of emails and aims
AbsolutePkrMngr: the bonus code has not been created yet,
AbsolutePkrMngr: you will make your own
pmarrsouth: when how can i sign up now and deposit?
AbsolutePkrMngr: i mean name it.
AbsolutePkrMngr: you will send my boss your 2000 and he will make account deposit manually he will set your password and when u log in for first time you must change and set other information.
pmarrsouth: ok, so i dep on AP, and leave the bonus code box blank when I sign up?
AbsolutePkrMngr: No you do not create account you cannot receive 2000 300% bonus
AbsolutePkrMngr: i told you t hat is 100-500
pmarrsouth: wow, u are in amsterdam, it must be really early over there?
AbsolutePkrMngr: my boss must do manually i cannot do this myself
AbsolutePkrMngr: i still have not gone to sleep from alst nite :-)
pmarrsouth: holy [censored]
AbsolutePkrMngr: im a night person
pmarrsouth: what time is it there?
pmarrsouth: liek 6AM?
pmarrsouth: *6.50AM ?
pmarrsouth: or 5.50 AM?
AbsolutePkrMngr: i will be contacting my boss shortly to tell him you are intersted
AbsolutePkrMngr: is this ok with you?
pmarrsouth: yup
pmarrsouth: can u get him to email me please
AbsolutePkrMngr: ok how will you be transfering you money
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes i can do this
AbsolutePkrMngr: do you use msn?
pmarrsouth: i will transfer with neteller to AP
AbsolutePkrMngr: Sir, i will have my boss explain to you i have tried many times now and you seem not to be listening.
pmarrsouth: my name is TIm
pmarrsouth: no need for sir
pmarrsouth: and i am reading, not listening
AbsolutePkrMngr: ok Tim
AbsolutePkrMngr: this is american humour?
AbsolutePkrMngr: i am very busy Tim and do not have much time to waste
AbsolutePkrMngr: i must help other players as well
AbsolutePkrMngr: so if you could help me make this go smoothly as possible
AbsolutePkrMngr: it would be greatly appreciated
pmarrsouth: what if i have an account at AP already?
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes there are otehr candiadtes that encountered the same problem
pmarrsouth: uh oh
AbsolutePkrMngr: you cn only have 1 account
pmarrsouth: i see
AbsolutePkrMngr: we will delete old account and create new one
pmarrsouth: so i can forget about any account that I would have from previous?
AbsolutePkrMngr: like i said if you want to deposit 100-500 you can directly do this yourself for the 300% deposit code but if youwwant over 500 which you stated " i would like 2000 so i would receive 6000" you must send my boss your moeny directly to him when he recieves he will manually deposit 6000 into your account and setup your 65% rake
AbsolutePkrMngr: then i will smg you give you mroe information o nthe team
AbsolutePkrMngr: we will setup your affiliate bonus
pmarrsouth: where would I send thim the $$$? (like how)
AbsolutePkrMngr: He has a neteller account
pmarrsouth: ok, whats the email addy please
AbsolutePkrMngr: one moment i will ask if he would like me to give to you
pmarrsouth: well i want to get this done asap
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes sir
AbsolutePkrMngr: give me 2 mins please
pmarrsouth: yup
AbsolutePkrMngr: ok sir
AbsolutePkrMngr: if you are in need of more assistance please feel free to msn me.
AbsolutePkrMngr: has would like your email as well
pmarrsouth: he has it, obv
AbsolutePkrMngr: he*
AbsolutePkrMngr: i am not sure about this
AbsolutePkrMngr: i will check.
pmarrsouth: hmm, actually, ill go for the max deposit with one of urs codes, the $500
AbsolutePkrMngr: ok sir.
pmarrsouth: so what do I have to do?
AbsolutePkrMngr: this is your final decision it is a 1 time deposit bonus they both have 1 week cashout restriciton
AbsolutePkrMngr: you must talk to my boss now.
pmarrsouth: ok
AbsolutePkrMngr: if any other concerncs let me know.
pmarrsouth: when/how will he contact me?
pmarrsouth: and what is ur AP name?
AbsolutePkrMngr: I do not play myself sir.
AbsolutePkrMngr: You must email him
pmarrsouth: no no, i mean what name do u go by
AbsolutePkrMngr: and he willrespond
AbsolutePkrMngr: Dave Collins.
pmarrsouth: ok
pmarrsouth: ty Dave
AbsolutePkrMngr: np Tim
pmarrsouth: I use what email addy?
pmarrsouth: ok thanks
AbsolutePkrMngr: do you use msn/
pmarrsouth: nope
pmarrsouth: to slow
AbsolutePkrMngr: i understand
AbsolutePkrMngr: email will be slow through you and my boss so msg me for most things.
pmarrsouth: what is ur email addy at AP
AbsolutePkrMngr: another player did same thing as you he wanted to deposit 1000 so my boss gave same deal ut he did not have neteller so another option which this player did was send my boss 1000 from his partypoker account to my bos party poerk acccount
AbsolutePkrMngr: this is possible too.
pmarrsouth: americans cannot use party
AbsolutePkrMngr: this player was not american.
pmarrsouth: ok
AbsolutePkrMngr: that is just another option iu was offering
pmarrsouth: hmm
AbsolutePkrMngr: do you have currency on other accounts.
pmarrsouth: what is his PP name?
AbsolutePkrMngr: you can msg our support desk for basic needs
AbsolutePkrMngr: what hjis whos party poker name?
AbsolutePkrMngr: is*
AbsolutePkrMngr: Tim?
pmarrsouth: ye, or stars or FTP
pmarrsouth: prolly be the easiest
AbsolutePkrMngr: ftars is easier for you
AbsolutePkrMngr: unfortunately i cannot give out other players information.
AbsolutePkrMngr: you are asking about the palyer who sent to myboss right?
pmarrsouth: no no
pmarrsouth: ur boss' accounts, as there is no charge to PS or FTP p2p, but ther eis with neteller
pmarrsouth: i would do it if i could use that
pmarrsouth: but only $1K from each
pmarrsouth: i could stretch to $1500 on each, if it was made worth my while
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes i can do this.
pmarrsouth: ok, let me know
AbsolutePkrMngr: so you are asking me for my boss poker stars account and fulltilt
pmarrsouth: well i think that is the easiest
AbsolutePkrMngr: i am not sure if he has fulltilt i am almsot positive he has pokerstrs though
AbsolutePkrMngr: i will conrtact him then we can start this account.
AbsolutePkrMngr: so are you interested in being oin the absolute poker team.
pmarrsouth: oh yes
AbsolutePkrMngr: when on team you will receive 100
AbsolutePkrMngr: 100% rake
AbsolutePkrMngr: we do not charge our players rake fee,
pmarrsouth: oh cool
pmarrsouth: sounds great
pmarrsouth: and would I get sponsored for WSOP + WPT?
AbsolutePkrMngr: Yes actually we are goign to have a 25 man tournament in january for our team and top 5 players will be sent to wsop main event buy in
pmarrsouth: wow, cool
AbsolutePkrMngr: not a for sure thing
AbsolutePkrMngr: we have not decided
AbsolutePkrMngr: and is not my decision as well
pmarrsouth: i understand
AbsolutePkrMngr: but i will surely keep you updated
pmarrsouth: ok, can u let me know his PS account, and if he has an FTP one
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes
AbsolutePkrMngr: one moment
pmarrsouth: kk
AbsolutePkrMngr: his account name is Aceinsleeve6
AbsolutePkrMngr: is pokerstars have a delay transfer time?
pmarrsouth: yes
pmarrsouth: long time today
pmarrsouth: and his FTP name?
AbsolutePkrMngr: ok well when received in account he will msg me the ni will msg you to start account
AbsolutePkrMngr: i havbe informed him that you cannot send money any othet way other the ftp and pp
AbsolutePkrMngr: he has aggreed to stake you 1000 because he does not have ftp account
AbsolutePkrMngr: but you must pay back stake in week
pmarrsouth: what?
AbsolutePkrMngr: you said you wanted to send 1000 to huiis pp account
AbsolutePkrMngr: and 1000 to ftp
pmarrsouth: no
AbsolutePkrMngr: for 2000 total deposit
pmarrsouth: i dont have PP
AbsolutePkrMngr: poker stars
pmarrsouth: u mean PS?
AbsolutePkrMngr: sry*
pmarrsouth: ok
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes
AbsolutePkrMngr: haha
pmarrsouth: oh i get u
AbsolutePkrMngr: so he wil lstake the 1000 from ftp
pmarrsouth: so i send $1K now to PS
AbsolutePkrMngr: until 1 week
pmarrsouth: ok
AbsolutePkrMngr: yes if this is what you choose to do
AbsolutePkrMngr: he wil lgie 1 week
pmarrsouth: sure
AbsolutePkrMngr: then put account on lock if not payed
AbsolutePkrMngr: so transfer the funds to Aceinsleeve6
AbsolutePkrMngr: and i will msg you when he msgs me
AbsolutePkrMngr: and we will setup your account/ bonus code
AbsolutePkrMngr: i will be here for about 6 more hours
AbsolutePkrMngr: so hopefully delay time does not take this long.
AbsolutePkrMngr: i must attend some othjer players for now so i will msg you when my boss receives the funds in his PS account.
AbsolutePkrMngr: ok tim?
pmarrsouth: sure
AbsolutePkrMngr: ok
AbsolutePkrMngr: i will msg you when my boss receives fund
AbsolutePkrMngr: talk to you soon tim.
pmarrsouth: ok
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:34 PM
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

just email stars

no one here is dumb enough to fall for that (at least I hope)
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:36 PM
UncleKraut UncleKraut is offline
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

seems legit...go for it. I mean is AIM name is AbsolutePkrMngr. This can't possibly be a scam.
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:38 PM
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

pmarrsouth: goon
AbsolutePkrMngr: Sorry sir?
pmarrsouth: go on
AbsolutePkrMngr: Oh sorry i thought you were calling me a goon.

[/ QUOTE ]
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:38 PM
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

lolz, this prolly is an actual rep from absolute cheats
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:41 PM
fusting43210 fusting43210 is offline
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

lol read the whole thing

to funny
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:44 PM
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

just email stars

no one here is dumb enough to fall for that (at least I hope)

[/ QUOTE ]

Disagree. I definitely think some people here could fall for something like that.
Definitely contact stars about this guy's account. They should be keeping a watchful eye on any transfers he receives...or they should just close the account. Or they should just leave it open but not allow any transfers to go through.
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:46 PM
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

hahahahaahahahahahahahah funny the guy choosing an ap nick lol. jesus if you wanna scam atleast pretend to be from a reasonable site.
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:55 PM
Dire Dire is offline
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

I like how his grammar/spelling went to all hell when it looked like you might be remotely interested. Must've near nutted himself.
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:56 PM
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Default Re: Scammer Alert - \'rep\' from AP on AIM

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