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Old 11-30-2007, 02:21 PM
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Default How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

If this is a double-post, sorry. I thought I hit send but I don't see it anywhere.

Okay. This happened to me. In retrospect now that I'm more awake it seems pretty unbelievable, I still don't know what the [censored] was going on. For *nothing* to have really happened I felt pretty damn threatened. At the time I had a reasonable amount of cash, $2,000, my cell phone, and a very sharp fold out knife that I forgot I had. Realize that if it seems like I made a bad decisiond, I'd gotten almost no sleep the night before, was up for about 16 hours and very, VERY tired. I've also never really been in a fight.

Thursday night I'm leaving Atlantic City and heading home. I leave at 10PM heading northbound. Around 11:30 I realize that I am EXHAUSTED, dangerously so. I pull over at the next rest stop like I always do. I drive a TON and driving tired isn't really worth it because it's something I do so often. I was seriously almost passing out in my car.

So I pull in to the rest stop, I don't see anyone follow right behind me, but then again I was really really tired.

The rest stop is the one by exit 99 on the GSP heading northbound, right before Cheesequake. I pull in and park somewhat to the side, not so far that I'm completely seperated from all the other cars but enough that that I won't be distracted by other commuters leaving and coming.

In hindsight as I was backing in to my spot I noticed a car sitting in the lane not moving behind me, I think nothing of it because well, why would you? It's a parking lot. Whatever, at the time it was 100% nothing.

The second I turn my car off said car comes up in front of my car and stops directly in front of me, blocking me in. He is driving a brand new Lincoln Town car, silver, exactly what those limo services drive except this is the newest model and most places probably aren't using these yet. The car is unmarked and I see noting inside or outside the car that would indicate that this guy is a professional driver.

The driver is staring directly in to my eyes.

The driver, who looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties, is completely unfamiliar to me, he looked Greek but it was obviously somewhat difficult to tell because while the parking lot is adequately lit it is still somewhat difficult to make out defined lines like that.

He's staring at me for 90 seconds now, at first I thought he might have just been reading a sign behind me or something but clearly he is looking at me. I look at him briefly and he doesn't even blink and I break away and look down.

How scared are you, what do you do?

Well, he ended up staring at me like that for about three minutes. This guy was a big guy and there's absolutely no way I could take him in a fight. The rest stop is somewhat busy and people are bustling about which does make me feel a little bit better but if this guy was insane or I ended up laying a beat on him and he killed me, the thought of his own guilty conviction doesn't make me feel much better.

After 3 minutes pass he starts driving and it looks like he's leaving, wow how weird is that? --Nope! He just circled the parking lot and pulled in next to me very quickly, too fast for me to turn the car on and drive away.

He parks his car on the left side of mine, facing inward so that his face is right next to mine. Again, this man doesn't move his body and doesn't take his eyes off me for a second. I pretend to be on my cell phone and he still doesn't move. After about two minutes I'm so confused that I really don't care. I look up and look right at him. I'm not giving him the dirty look he's giving me, just a stare really. His face is incredibly angry and his eyes are really, really cold. I suddenly realize that my situation is bad, but I have no idea what's going on still. After about 15 seconds HE breaks away and looks around his car. What the hell? I put my head back and act calm and feign interest while trying to sleep.
How scared are you? What do YOU do?

I try and think of who this might be hours from my house, hours from Jersey, in some little rest stop in an area I don't know anything about. I don't tailgate or honk, or even speed, I don't remember seeing any cars acting curious, and I can't remember any real incidents in the Borgata that might have happened. I was running terrible but I'm really that bad of a loser and I didn't insult anyone. I also thought this might be about some girl I hit on in Jersey but I go out of my way to not hit on girls when I'm down there. I'm also 100 miles from AC!!! Who would follow me ALL this way just to do nothing? I think about calling 911(which in case you don't know takes you to the state police) but what the hell am I going to say?
"Hey guys I need help, some guy is looking at me!" That's why I feel so freaked out, it's like in those horror movies where the police can't do anything because nothign to happened, but you know SOMEBODY's about to get their head sawed off and stored in a freezer somewhere. I'm pretty good looking and having that happen would suck for everyone.

He is still staring at me but I'm just soooooo [censored] tired I don't even care. I start to nod off and all of the sudden his car starts which scares the [censored] out of me. I try to hold back my enormous flinch but if he was staring at me he definitely saw it.

He lets the car idle for about 30 seconds, eyes still directly on me, before pulling out of the spot. He pulls out and he drives to the right, past me like he did last time. Completely staring at me. He pulls up to the entrance and parks again. He sits there for a minute and goes inside. He's far enough away that I can't make anything out but he is walking weirdly. His knees were stuck at a slight bend and he was basically wadling inside, he also didn't move his arms much when he walked. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

How scared are you? What do you do?

Well, I was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too [censored] tired to drive to the next rest stop, and how safe would I feel there anyways? Also there's basically no way I could just drive home, the chances of me falling asleep at the wheel were very high. I need to sleep and I need to do it now. After a minute I decide to repark my car and hide it at an angle behind a van so that he can't see my car, hopefully he'll just leave.

A few minutes pass. It seemed a little too long to be taking a piss. I guess he could have gotten something to eat but it didn't seem quite long enough for that. At the risk of sounding retardedly cliche, phone call? I don't know, maybe he just got a drink or something. Whatever, he comes out and I can see him walking toward his car behind me. My rear window is pretty scratched up and it's dark so I really doubt he could tell which way my head was turned.

I see him, he isn't looking around for me or anything, even as he's sitting in the car. Okay, maybe he just thought he recognized me and decided he didn't and he's going to go home. He gets in his car and FINALLY he starts driving completely away from me! Then he does a super-fast U-Turn, the kind that get the body rolling to the side and I'm hoping he realized he was going southbound instead of northbound and is just taking the other onramp. He's at the intersection where right would be the onramp and left would be my car. There are people walking in front of his car(I can't see his car and he can't see mine,but I can see his headlights are on) I'm praying he's turning right and the suspense is killing me.



The spot to my right is empty and he pulls in RIGHT next to me. So close that I couldn't get out of my car if I wanted to, at least without not hitting his car door. I want to drive away as fast as possible but I don't want to start my car and escalate his crazy rage or make him think I'm trying to run, I really have no idea what the [censored] to dob ut God I feel so scared right now.

Unfortunately my car is off, I have no idea why the hell I keep turning it off, what the hell! After a minute of him staring at me I succumb to my bad judgement and own curiosity, and turn my car to the "on" postion and roll my window down and look over at him.

He stares at me and rolls his window down. For the first time I get a really good look at him. He is in his thirties and Italian-American. Not old-school Italian like the guys from Blonde Redhead, he actually has a similar look to Lee Hotti and the sorts. He looks a lot less crazy now, but completely pissed off.

I ask him in my most non-threatening, kindest not-patronizing or condescending voice
"Do you need some help?"

"haaaaaaaaaaahh?" He sounded 100% retarded like he didn't know how to move his tongue.
"That's fine." I thought. "It's just some mentally challenged guy, staring at people like that isn't at all uncommon. "Wait a second, what the hell is some mentally challenged guy doing driving a $50,000 car and hanging out at midnight at some rest stop."

I pause for a moment and again, in a very gentle tone I ask him
"Do you have a problem?"

All of the sudden his voice becomes VERY clear and he sounds very Italian-American. Not like Pesci or DeNiro but a very (stero)typical Jersey-Italian accent. I INSTANTLY think "mob" after thinking about what car he drives and everything else going on. I have no idea why the [censored] any mobsters would be mad at me. I play at the Borgata but I don't follow sports or bet on them so there's no way I was mixed up in that. The only thing I can muster up is that I look like a lot of people, at least once a week some stranger says to me "Hey you look just like" and it's either some half-celebrity or someone they know personally.

His response to my question in a really thick almost Fonzie voice.

"Yeah, I got problems. What about you, you got problems?" Jesus Christ what an awful response to my question. I give him a nod as to indicate "I relate man" and roll up my window and instantly start my [censored] car. My knees are shaking. As I'm rolling up my window he says "Maybe I can help."

How scared are you? What do you do?

I don't dare look back, put the car in first and take off. As I'm driving away now he starts his car. Jesus. Christ. I'm heading northbound and driving briskly and I see his car in my rearview mirrow and he's approaching me.

Holy [censored] I am being [censored] followed??? I floor it now and merge on the highway and I already know I'm so [censored] if he wants to catch me. Those domestic salooons usually pack a ton of horsepower and my little import with 150HP isn't going to stand a [censored] chance in this race on the highway. I immediately dial 911. My car is noisy as hell and I'm also flying now so it's hard to hear.

If you dial 911 on a cell you're going to get state police, not to where you are, but where your area code on the phone is just so you know.

"State police"
"Look, I need Jersey state police, right now."
"Okay, calm down, what's the problem?"
Honestly, calm down? I wanted to kick that lady in the face.
"I'm being followed by a car, I don't know why. I need help!!"
She patches me through and I get NJSP I explain what's going on. I look my rearview mirrow, he's keeping his distance but he's still following me.

Statie asks me what car I drive, what car he drives, and a mile-marker. I tell him all that and he says "Okay we're going to send a trooper out to find out." Why the hell do they want to find me? Catch the bad guy! Whatever.

He's still about a mile behind me now and I'm less-terrified but still completely floored.

To wrap this up, the statie never gets me or calls me back, what the hell? After about 15 minutes I take the express side of the GSP(It forks and both sides head the same way, you can't crossover) which in retrospect might have been dumb because there's no exits. I see no cars on my side at all and decide to slow down to around 40 and see if he'll pass me on the other side. His car is gone, and I have on idea where it went. He must have taken an exit and I missed it which is odd because I don't really rememeber taking my eyes off him for more than a half-second.

I'm on the road now and I have no idea how anyone could feel tired EVER and there's so much adrenaline pouring through my body that I end up driving striaght home.

The police thing is really shady in my opinion. After I realized he was gone I passed a statie who was camping the southbound side, I figured there'd be a lookout for me or something. Nothing. Also when I slowed down I didn't see any police cars pass me on the local side.

I don't want to call them back because I don't have my license on me(lost it) and the car isn't really there anymore so I guess the guy got lost, or maybe he knew I called the police somehow, no idea.

The whole thing is more strange than anything and I still really don't know what any of it was about.

Tell you what though, I'm scared shitless to go back down to AC now because I sleep in those rest stops almost every time and if he WAS from AC there's a good chance he's looking for me.

Would you go back? Call the police again? I saw his license plate(Jersey) but I was too stupid to remember it, I didn't get a very good look at it either.

Sort of anticlimactic story, sorry. I apologize for the bad writing, I just woke up.
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:33 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

Is this you?

Also, story would have been better as a Choose Your Own Adventure.
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:34 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

Some drugged up goomba just messing with you IMO
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:42 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

I would have started driving away calmly as soon as I felt even slightly weird about the situation. If he started to follow I would have gunned it. I feel comfortable outrunning a town car and worse case scenario a cop pulls me over for speeding.

I use to drive a lot when I was younger and there is no way I'd sleep in the car. If you just need a bed to crash on you can get a hotel room for $80. I think the risk reward + added comfort makes it a easy choice.

I'd have no issues going back to AC. You either cut the guy off or did something to him you didn't realize, he was crazy, or it was a case of mistaken identity. None of those will cause you problems if you return.
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:42 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

WOW you are so dramatic.

Similar rest stop anticts have happened to me. Not so extreme but I just get werid maybe paranoid feelings.

Anyway as soon as I get a sketchy vib I would have just drove off, take the nearest exit into a small town and then park at a McD's/ gas station parking lot/ police station or any public place. Make sure he isnt following you off the exit. DONE.

If this guy was really trying to hurt you. Your passive decision making gave him every possible opportunity to do so.
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:43 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

He was just cruising you. Welcome to the joys of public rest areas.
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:45 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

I think there are two explanations as to why this guy wanted to severely hurt you

1. You cut him on when you were driving or did some type of dick move.

2. He thought you were someone else.

Edit: I thought this was a cool story btw
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:45 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

Henry I think getting a hotel everytime you want to take a 1-2 hour nap is a bigtime waste. You must be rich or not travel that much because that option for me anyway is not viable. I drive home from Montreal to Boston all the time and sometimes a wave of sleepiness comes over you and you just have to stop. Getting a hotel everytime is nonsense.

The added danger of napping in your car is not great enough for me to pay 100 bucks for some quick shuteye.
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:46 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

Worth the read, but for the lazy:

Notes: OP is tired, decides to drive. Decides to nap at rest area. Shady guy follows him in and stares at him for a while. Follows him out of rest area, never to be seen again. OP is a panzy and calls the cops and craps his pants when they never call back.
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:52 PM
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Default Re: How scared are you? What do YOU do?(tl;dr)

Ummm, you realize he just wanted to poon your bottom, right?
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