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Old 11-19-2007, 04:19 PM
mucku79 mucku79 is offline
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Default wsop tourny

whats up everyone? we have a weekly game at my house with a 25 buy thinking id like to make some kind of tourny where we will award a buy in to a wsop or wpt event(obviously not main events) we have between 7-10 players a week..does anyone do anything like this and how much of each weeks prize pool do you put towards the big prize?
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Old 11-19-2007, 06:19 PM
Pot Odds RAC Pot Odds RAC is offline
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Default Re: wsop tourny

Well, work backwards. You're looking to buy-in to a $1,500 event (I am assuming buy-in only, no travel, lodging, other expense) that was the lowest buy-in for any open event without re-buys other than one or two. There were a couple of events that were $1,000 that were limited access (Seniors, ladies only, etc). If you take just $100 from each week, you're going to need 15 FULL weeks of play. Are people going to be able to keep the "focus" of attending this game for 15 weeks AND giving up $100 EACH week for this?

You really need to assess the players and their real committment. How long have you been running this game? Are you absloutely CERTAIN you're going to have active participation in enough weeks over the next 5 months to support this? Including holidays? Did you play for 15 weeks in the past 5 months? Because you REALLY need to have a winner before May so you can plan for attending the actual event.

So often these little WSOP home satelites sound like such a great idea, but fall apart after a few weeks.
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Old 11-19-2007, 06:42 PM
mucku79 mucku79 is offline
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Default Re: wsop tourny

we have been playing every week for the past 3 years, only missing a week here and there...we play winner take all and have a point system..10 for first, 7 for second, 4 for third and 1 for fourth...15 of every pot goes to the "big game" pot...point winner for the 30 game season gets a freeroll into the game, 75 buy in for everyone else...just wanted to try something different with the wsop buy in
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Old 11-19-2007, 07:48 PM
harper983 harper983 is offline
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Default Re: wsop tourny

Me and my friends did this for one of last years WSOP $1500 events. There were 8 of us and we did $30 buy-in to each tournament for each player over 16 tournaments.

Point scale for each tourn.:
1st 10
2nd 7
3rd 5
4th 4
5th 3
6th 2
7th 1
8th 0

Winner got $2300 for buy-in and travel costs, 2nd got $900, and 3rd got $640. We also made a deal that if the winner cashed in the event than he would split whatever he won 60/40 with everyone else. It was alot of fun and I ended up winning, but no cash at WSOP. If you got anymore questions feel free to ask.
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Old 11-20-2007, 06:41 PM
Mattyspin Mattyspin is offline
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Default Re: wsop tourny

here are a couple questions for you regarding your current structure:

1) how much do you normally contribute to your "big game" pot before everyone's additional $75 contribution? this fund can and should be utilized for the tourny buyin rather than a big game pot

2) where do you live? WSOP has circuit events during the year that have "preliminary" tournaments that have buyins as low as $340 and $560. WPT has similar buyin tournaments when they're in town

3)how many of the 10 players do you want to send? if it's only 1, you can send him/her to Vegas for the WSOP with buyin plus transportation/hotel paid for.

lots of home games have set things like this up in the past. i've never been a part of one, but i would think that answering these questions can really help you put together your stuff.
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