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Old 11-29-2007, 08:11 PM
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Default Re: Oh Noe! A vet posts an AA hand...and it has maths 4 u 2 do

What I don't understand about c/c is what card comes on the river that helps you?

[/ QUOTE ]

None. We are Way Ahead/Drawing Dead. I dont mind about giving a free card here to KKnospade.


If I were playing you and you slowed down here I would bet with any two cards.

[/ QUOTE ]

Admittedly, this guy doesnt play like you but this comment only strengthens the c/c argument so Ill win at least one more BB when ahead whereas Ill not win anymore when you/he fold to my bet.

Are you saying you have the odds to call two on the chance he bluffs with no spade?

[/ QUOTE ]
yes. I gave a read that I think this guy can value bet (at least on the turn) with KK, QQ. Im very confident c/c is grunch by 36.


He needs 22 to 1 to draw to a set, which is a bad call. But its a bad call for me too and since my set is probably discounted the choice is check/fold or bet/fold.

[/ QUOTE ]


Smurf, IMHO you havent really created any solid argument for bet/fold given the info youve been given.
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