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Old 11-19-2007, 04:14 AM
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Default Micro LIMIT digest November #1

The Micro-Limit Forum Digest

This is a bi-monthly digest published on the 1st and 15th of each month. The digests will cover the material published on the 10th-25th (for the 1st of the month posting) and from the 26th-9th (for the 15th of the month posting). I usually start reading all the threads, though I might stop reading one if I don't feel it's important to me and might miss some important discussion. If you see a thread that is digest worthy please bring it to my attention by PMíing me. The digest should cover threads threads that have at least one or more of the following qualities.

* Hands that got a lot of in-depth discussion
* General strategy or C/T Pooh-bah type posts
* Threads that may not have gotten a lot of discussion but had a really good eye-opening post or two

Usually I'll try to post about 10 posts, but if there wasn't that much discussion or noteworthy hands those two weeks, then there might be less.

November #1 saw a good deal of very good posts at the beginning of the two week period and then it kinda died down a bit. There are a lot of good posts for November #2, that just missed the cutoff date. And here it is, without further ado, the November #1 digest:

Pre-Flop Discussion

Capping QQ in a 5bet max structure? not a simple...ALWAYS
Even made it into the mid-limit forum!

Flop and Turn Discussions

KQs flop decision
Shortstacked with nut flush draw on flop

QQ vs TAG and tard To spew or not to spew...
Excellent consideration by Harv72

A7ss flops NFD + OESD...
Cap the flop?

.50/1 BB special, played back at heavily
Brutal turn to our flopped straight

River and Beyond

.25/50 Stars - River raise or call?
Paired board we river 2nd nut flush. It's bet - raise, we?

5/1 TT turned full house 9QQQx do I cap this?
how many time does villain had a 9?

My river play bothers me
Clarkmeister? WA/WB?

General Strategy and other

Second Pooh Bah: How to play poker
3 steps to consider when making a decision

How applicable is hpfap by Sklansky for micros?
Bravos and drzen have a good discussion

Compilation of stuff

Don't come home until u is sobern! (NC Thread)
The No Content thread for all the fun stuff, BBV, and questions that donít deserve their own thread.

Link to the last digest

The Micro-Limit Library
Aaron Wís wonderful Wiki. Itís like a digest on steroids.

The Index of Micro-Limit Digests

The Collective Wisdom of 2+2
All the links you could want and more.

One link per digest to other forums

KK...a thought process in the heat of battle.
How can we not raise KK on a 973 rainbow flop?

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