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Old 10-30-2006, 04:39 PM
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Default CTH FAQ. Please read!


The Computer TechHelp forum is for non-gambling tech questions. If it's a gambling related question ("I can't get FullPartyPokerStarsTilt tables to respond!") your post probably belongs in the Software forum. Don't be offended if I move your post.

TwoPlusTwo is both a website that survives on ad revenue and a publishing company that sells intellectual property. That means we're not going to help you avoid ads or steal IP. (For instance, no discussion of bittorrent at all, in any way.)

Please consider the following suggestions whenever asking for help:<ul type="square">[*]Describe the problem itself with all relevant details. Don't use phrases like "didn't work" if you can describe how it didn't work.[*]Include brand and model of any hardware involved.[*]Try trouble-shooting on your own. For instance, if your mouse is having problems, try plugging it into a different port. Try plugging it into a different computer. Try plugging somebody else's mouse in the same port. Etc.[*]You're allowed to bump your own thread once. You should probably wait a day or so before doing so.[*]Remember that you're asking strangers on the internet to help you fix your computer problem. Even if you're frustrated, "please", "thank you", etc. are always appreciated.[*]No money rewards. Everybody here is helping everybody here; you don't have to pay to play. There's been drama with fizzled rewards in the past, so just ask your question with a "please" and a "thank you".[/list]We can't have unlocked stickies. Any discussion of this post should take place here.


"The internet is broken!"

If the only information we have is that you can't web, then all we know is that a chain is broken between your computer and a website. We need to figure-out which link is the problem.

If you're using wireless, see if you can plug directly into the router instead of using wireless. It's one fewer possible problems.

First, we need to see if your computer is getting an IP address. To see this, run "cmd" and then type "ipconfig.exe". That'll display all the IP information about your computer. You should have an IP, DNS, and Gateway address. (If you have a router, gateway = router.)

If that looks ok, we want to see if your computer can talk to your router. Run "cmd" and then type "ping &lt;your router's address&gt; -t". This sends a stream of packets to your router and tells you how long it took.

If that worked, we want to see if you can communicate with the outside world. The most basic communication is pinging an IP address, so run "cmd" and then type "ping -t".

If that worked, we want to see if you can turn domain names into IP addresses, so run "cmd" and type "ping -t".

If that worked, try browsing to Use a couple browsers.

"How do I secure my wireless?"

Check this thread and this thread.

"What wireless card should I use?"

After finding-out what protocol your router uses (usually 802.11g or 802.11b), almost any card that supports that protocol will work. You can find PCMCIA (laptop slot) or PCI (inside the desktop case) or USB (works for laptop or desktop).

"How do I setup a proxy server to make my computer look like it's in a different country?"

Bishop22 started a good thread on this.


"What protection software should I use?"

We have a discussion of this general question here.

"How do I ask a program not to startup?"

Run "msconfig.exe" and checkout the StartUp tab.

"Dell installed all sorts of awful stuff on my 'puter.!"

Check this thread for reinstalling windows.


"ZOMG! I spilt milk on my &lt;whatever&gt;!"

First, don't cry over it. Next, remove ALL power you can. Turn it off, unplug it, remove the battery, etc. If it's something besides water, you might want to carefully wipe or even lightly rinse off any residue you can, so it doesn't dry sticky. Then LET IT DRY. This could take longer than you'd expect, especially if you poured water into deep crevices. Then pray and turn it back on. If it's still busted and still under warranty, take it back to the store and play dumb.

"I want to use multiple, big, rotated monitors!"

We had enough monitor questions to warrant their own FAQ.
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