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Old 10-02-2006, 01:12 PM
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Default A/R Forum Rules and FAQ/Rogue Affiliates

Welcome to the Affiliate/Rakeback forum. This is the only forum at 2+2 to discuss rakeback and affiliate questions or issues. These questions include but are not limited to the following type of questions:
[*]How to receive rakeback [*] How to become an affiliate[*] How to receive affiliate offers[*] General questions involving rakeback[*] General questions involving affiliates[*] Poker room/Casino/Sportsbook affiliate programs[*] Prop programs

What is not to be posted in this forum:
[*] Affiliate links[*] Portal/affiliate spam[*] Comments that are negative towards affiliates without backing the post up with facts[*] Threads involving Party Poker or Bodog rakeback. However discussions of these affiliate program are welcome as long as they do not pertain to rakeback.[*] Posts saying "Sent you a PM". This is as good as posting "I offer rakeback at xyz room" and is spam.[*] Posts encouraging or discussing gnomes/fraudulant accounts[*] Posting %'s offered[*] Posts in all CAPS[*] Post begging for money or trading funds at poker rooms.

Any of the above can result in a temp ban. Repeat offenders or first time posters will be perma banned.

Rogue Affiliates

The following affiliates have had serious problems paying players in the past according to players or investigations. Some affiliates are out of business but the first one reincarnates.



What it is rake?: This is the amount of money taken out of each pot by the poker room that is hosting the game. The pot has to reach a minimum amount before the rake is taken out. At almost all limits the max rake is $3. At high limits the max rake is $5.

What is rakeback?: When the poker room takes money out of each pot they pay a certain percentage of this to an affiliate. An affiliate gets paid by the poker room for signing up new players. Affiliates came up with the idea that if they could give the players a percentage of their affiliate earnings that the player has generated for them, then they would be able to attract many more customers. Rakeback affiliates are giving the players rakeback which is a portion of the money poker rooms pay them to bring in new players.

What is MGR?: MGR stands for Monthly Gross Revenue. Gross Revenue" is calculated as the sum total of all Players' contribution to the rake less any bonuses or other promotional amounts given to Players, processing charges, charge backs, or any un-collectable revenue attributable to the Player. The higher your MGR the more money you will earn from rakeback. If your MGR is $1000 and your rakeback percent is 25% your rakeback would be $250.

How is MGR calculated: Different poker sites will figure your MGR in different ways. There are 3 different ways this is figured.

The first is called the dealt method. As long as you are dealt cards you will earn MGR on the hand (as long as the pot is raked). For example, if you are playing with 10 players at the table and all of them are dealt in and the pot is raked $1.50, you will earn 10/1.50 or 15 cents for this hand. Once again, you only have to be dealt in to earn MGR on the hand; you do not have to actually contribute to the pot. The formula for this is: ($ amount raked) /(amount of players dealt in) = MGR

The second method is average contributed. This means not only do you have to be dealt in, but you also have to contribute to the pot in some way (even if you fold the small blind). An example of this would be, if 10 players are dealt in the hand, but only 6 contribute to the pot (including you) and the pot is raked $3.00, you will earn 6/$3.00 or 50 cents in MGR. The formula for this is similar to the above: (($ amount raked) / Amount of players contributed to the pot) = MGR

The third method is weighted contributed. This means not only do you have to be dealt in, but, once again, you will have to contribute to the pot in some way. The difference between this method and the “average contributed” method above is that your MGR is figured in direct proportion to the amount of money you put in the pot. For example, 10 people are dealt in the hand and 8 of them contribute to the pot (including you), but after you have contributed $20 to the pot total, you fold on fourth street (along with 5 other players), 1 person folds on the turn, and 2 people see the showdown. The final pot is $240 and is raked $3. Since you contributed $20 to the $240 pot, you will earn $20 / $240 or 8.33% of the $3 rake, which is 24.99 cents. The formula is: (amount contributed to the pot / $ amount of pot ) * ($ amount raked) = MGR

Can I get rakeback on a site I already have an account with? : The general rule is that you cannot receive rakeback if you already have an account with a certain site. This includes Full Tilt. There are some sites that allow this and Full Tilt is not one of them, so PLEASE do not post this question. This is something that should be discussed between you and an affiliate.

How can one find a reputable affiliate? : The best thing to do is either click the different banners in the 2+2 forum's or check out a rakeback directory.

If you post in A/R as an affiliate you may NOT post under a second alias in A/R. This is to prevent shills and troublemakers from posting.

Keep in mind that posts made by me as a mod are simply my opinion. My opinions on affiliates or other online poker information is solely my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of 2+2.

More FAQ's will be added shortly as well as a chart of which sites deduct bonuses, are dealt/contributed and whether they accept US players.
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