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Old 09-01-2006, 07:36 PM
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Default Welcome to the Tournament Circuit ***READ BEFORE POSTING***

Welcome to the Tournament Circuit forum, previously named WSOP. With the fantastic success of WSOP behind us, we've decided to broaden the scope of this forum to include other MAJOR, LIVE tournaments. In general, this forum should include discussion on such matters as live updates, trip reports, logistics, etc. It is not for strategy discussion, gossip about players, or comments during and/or following the broadcasting of an event.

For the purpose of this forum, a "MAJOR, LIVE tournament" is defined as one taking place in a casino or other physical location (meaning not online) with at least one event having a buy-in of $5,000 or greater. So, for example, all WSOP events are included since at least one of those events has the necessary buy-in amount. Examples of tournaments that can be discussed in this forum include:

World Series of Poker
World Series of Poker Circuit
World Poker Tour
European Poker Tour
Aruba Ultimate Poker Classic
United States Poker Championship
Johnny Chan Invitational

If there is a tournament you'd like to discuss in this forum, and it doesn't meet the above definition, you may contact one of the Moderators who will make a decision on whether or not to allow discussion on that tournament taking into consideration factors such as popularity, number of events, buy-in amount, etc. Do not start a post about a tournament that doesn't meet the above criteria until you've asked a Moderator and have received an okay.

Before posting here, make sure this is the right forum. There are a few other forums that are often a better choice depending upon the nature of the subject including:

Televised Poker : If you're watching a tournament on television or DVD you should post ALL comments, questions, and discussion in the TV Forum.

Multi-table Tournaments : If you want to talk about strategy (how to play a specific hand, general strategy for a particular tournament, etc.) you should post in the MTT Forum.

News, Views, Gossip : Regardless of whether or not a player has participated in a tournament discussed in this forum, if you want to discuss anything newsworthy, how you feel about a player, or throw out some gossip do NOT post in this forum. Those types of posts go in NVG. One exception is that during events like the WSOP we'll occasionally allow ONE thread for a player so that those interested can discuss and follow him or her throughout the tournament. But once the tournament has concluded, new posts most likely will be appropriate only for NVG.

Thanks for making this forum and all of 2+2 such a fabulous success.
Old 06-20-2007, 05:05 AM
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Default Re: Welcome to the Tournament Circuit ***READ BEFORE POSTING***

A couple additions to the sticky as follows:

First with a nod to the OOT sticky:

Rules that apply to all of Two Plus Two that are strictly enforced:

-Do not circumvent the profanity filter or post images that contain censored words.
-Do not post about or discuss bit torrents, peer-to-peer file sharing software or other methods of online piracy.
-Do not post links to hardcore porn. Images containing nudity must be REMOTELY LINKED, not posted inline. Potentially NSFW (not safe for work), non-nude images or threads must contain 'NSFW' in the title of the thread.
-'Trainwrecking' another user is forbidden. A 'trainwreck' occurs when you take information that is either publicly available or poorly guarded by another poster and use it for malicious or mischievous ends. Anyone taking part in a trainwreck will be banned.

Delayed Broadcasts

The WSOP is offering a pay per view package with delayed broadcasts including hole cards. In the event that a winner is leaked prior to the conclusion of the broadcast, it can only be posted in the pertinent thread in white with a spoiler notice. This is only fair to those who have paid for and are following the results of the broadcast.
Old 07-10-2007, 03:50 PM
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Default Re: Welcome to the Tournament Circuit ***READ BEFORE POSTING***

Important ATF Thread

Something very serious has occurred that has made me realise that we all need to change our "unimportant" Twoplustwo passwords, now, to something unusual that no one could guess, even if it's only, say, the name of a country with numbers that mean something to us. (For example: 400BELGIUM400.)

A scammer has obviously picked a common password and simply gone through a number of names trying the password for each name until he found a respected poster. (Who knows how many he has found?) Then he wrote to some (who knows how many?) other readers as the respected poster, asking if they would transfer money with him at poker sites.

He has tricked at least one person so far, and there could be others who hardly even know yet that they have been scammed if they sent this "respected poster" money and are waiting for money to be returned to them at another site.

He would also have total access to the other (who knows how many?) readers' saved PMs.

I would bet my boots that there are a lot of simple passwords out there and that their owners haven't thought that such fraudulent events could follow from the simple passwords.

In other words, it's probably not you that could be scammed, but it could well be someone relying on the reputation of your good name that is scammed, and you will then have the public embarrassment of trying to persuade everyone that you are not the scammer.

Please change your password immediately if you feel it could be guessed.

Thank you.

[/ QUOTE ]
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