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Old 11-07-2007, 04:32 AM
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Default Wow, if you think I\'m bad now, I really used to suck

I just dug up my old poker blog from 2004. I was playing 3/6 on party and had about a $2k bankroll which I started from $500 (how the HELL I won $1500 at 3/6 with no rakeback is beyond me...maybe a testament to how golden the golden age of online poker really was)

Here are some choice excerpts:

"I have JTs on the button. UTG limps, I call, BB checks. Flop is T97 2 suited. UTG bets out, I raise, BB folds, UTG reraises. Now I decide to cap here, which I think is a good play. It will give me good information for the turn. So I cap, and the turn is the Q. UTG bets out again - there's my information - I should definitely fold here. UTG is not on a draw - I now have a gutshot, but I'm not getting the pot odds to call. However, I'm not playing well, and I call the turn and river bet, losing $12 more than I should. He had KT."

"I'm on the button with QTo. Several limpers, so I call, and the flop comes QQK, two diamonds. Checked to me, I bet, 2 callers. Turn is a blank. Checked to me, I bet, 1 caller. River is a diamond, checked to me. Why should I bet here? I guess I thought he could have a K. I bet, he raises. Ok, so he probably has the flush. But what if he's making a move? I call, he has the flush. There's another $12 I should not have lost - I think a check on the river here would definitely have been correct - what could he have had other than a diamond draw?"

"I've got Kh Qh in middle position, and there is one limper. I limp, and 4 people see the flop of KK3 rainbow. I bet out, the guy on my left raises, and everyone folds. His raise tells me he probably doesn't have a K. I only call. I don't want to drive him out too early, let him stay the aggressor. Turn is a J, I check, he bets, and I raise. I assume that if he doesn't have the K he will fold here, but he calls. I wonder what he has - now i'm thinking K with a worse kicker, or maybe he picked up a straigtht draw. The river is a 9. I bet, he calls. He shows 99! Now what I'm wondering, why the hell didn't he raise the river? I mean, this donkey catches his miracle card, and then he doesn't bet it! Well, saved me $6 I suppose. I wonder if I had reraised the flop, then bet out the turn, if he would have folded? Oh well, I actually really liked my play here."

"Anyway I finally hit a streak. It started after I made a big laydown with AA on the flop that I was really happy about. The flop was JT7 two suited. I was in early position, and bet out. There was a raise, a caller, and a reraise, and I decided I was done. I thought JT, but turned out he had 89 for the straight."
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Old 11-07-2007, 04:42 AM
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Default Re: Wow, if you think I\'m bad now, I really used to suck

How do you have a gutshot in hand 1?

Edit: Im on your page now after I read the 2nd hand! :P
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Old 11-07-2007, 10:01 AM
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Default Re: Wow, if you think I\'m bad now, I really used to suck

This made my morning,
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