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Old 10-31-2007, 11:39 PM
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Default turn bet vs check

ian j cr vid 10/20 stars he opens QhJh on button. big blind calls, he has played the past two pots with this player, one involving ian calling a turn raise with his oesd and folding river ui and the other featuring ian winning on the turn with 66 on 944A.

Flop 789 two spades one heart
villain c/c

Turn 4 club
villain c/r ian folds

I didn't really care for the bet at the time and I liked it even less with the history of the villain waiting to pop the turn on a somewhat similarly drawy board (the KT9 where we had 87). Basically I think we are putting ourselves in a lot of possible bad spots and no really good ones. We may fold up to a 10 outter if we opt to fold to c/r, if we bet turn and are called are we going to turn our hand into a bluff hoping to fold A/K high hands with a 5/6/T/J/spades in them?
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