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Default SSNL Master Sticky - ALL POSTERS MUST READ (Well Posts 3/2/07)

Welcome to the SSNL Master Sticky. One sticky to rule them all.

SSNL is officially the highest-traffic strategy forum on all of 2p2! We have a lot of great posters here, and they contribute a lot to the forum that everyone should know about. If we just stickied these things as they happen, like most strat forums, we would have 12 stickies.

This thread was created to be a master sticky. It will have links to our FAQ, the previos digests, essays and other works by our posters, and any bits of news that come up. This way we can get the information to everybody without cluttering up the front page.

All posters need to read the Posting Guidelines and the FAQ at the minumum, but you really should read everything here. It will make you a better player & a better poster.

Good reading!

Where should I post my hand?

High Stakes NL - above 5/10 (above NL1000)
Mid Stakes NL - (NL400-NL1000)
Small Stakes NL - (NL100-NL200)
Micro Stakes NL - (NL50 and below)
Full Ring NL - (all SSNL/McNL full ring hands)

SSNL Required Reading & Really Important Reading
All forum users are expected to be familiar with the following posts before contributing. The most common reason for thread locks by a mod is becasue you asked a question addressed in one of these two posts. Please read!

<ul type="square">[*]SSNL Posting Guidelines[*]SSNL FAQ v3.1 (Updated 12/19/05)[*]Lingo &amp; Abbreviations[/list]
Forum News:
<ul type="square">[*]SSNL is officially the highest-traffic strategy forum on Unfortunately, we also have one of the worst threads:replies ratios of all strat forums as well. Becasue of this, we have recently brought on a new mod, ajmargarine, and we have also undertaken a crackdown on noise threads.

We want SSNL to be your home forum, but we also want it to be a quality advice forum. Our goal is to improve the signal:noise ratio in this forum while making SSNL a forum you want to belong to. Here's a few of the things we're doing to accomplish this:

- No-content threads are good for a sense of community, but there can't be too many. We'll be locking more of these than we did before (but not all).
- Strat threads that are impossible to answer or answered in the FAQ will be locked, and the OP will be guided as to how/where to get an answer to his question.
- Flaming will not be tolerated in any thread by any poster. The posts in quesstion will be moderated, either by editing out the flames, locking or even deleting the thread. Offending posters will be warned either publicly or privately, and repeat offences will result in either temp bans or perma-bans.

We may take other actions as well as the situations dictate.

Post well.
[*] SSNL now has it's own IRC channel. See SSNL IRC [/list]
SSNL Coaching Thread:
Coaching Thread Here

SSNL Digest Archive:

Here are links to SSNL Digests from the past, with the most recent first.

<ul type="square">[*] SSNL Digest May-October 2007 (ICMoney) [*]SSNL Digest 5/1-5/18 (74o Clownsuite) [*]SSNL Digest March 2007 (1/2) by 74o Clownsuite [*] SSNL Digest March 2007 (2/2) by 74o Clownsuite [*]SSNL Digest 2/15/07 -- 2/28/07 (MyTurn2Raise)[*] SSNL Digest 2-1-07--2/14-07 (MyTurn2Raise) [*] SSNL Digest 1/16/07-1/31/07 (MyTurn2Raise) [*] SSNL Digest 1-1-07 through 1-15-07 (MyTurn2Raise)[*] SSNL Digest October 30, 2006 (74o_Clownsuit) [*] SSNL Digest October 8, 2006 (TehPokarWizard)[*] SSNL Digest for September 6 (Tickner) [*]SSNL Digest for 7/25 (poincaraux)[*]SSNL Digest for 7/17 (Al_Money22)[*]SSNL Digest for 7/10 (kitaristi0)[*]SSNL Digest for 7/3, Part 1 (dbitel)[*]SSNL Digest for 7/3, Part 2 (EMcWilliams)[*]June 21 By Jamougha[*]Day of the Beast (6/6/06) By quarkncover[*]April 30th - by 4_2_it [*]March 11 (by matrix128)[*]February 16 (by 4_2_it) [*]Decemeber 14th - (posted by 4_2_it) [*]November 20th (posted by xorbie)[*]Nov 2nd (posted by xorbie)[*]Oct 17th (posted by xorbie)[*]Oct 10th (posted by Isura)[*]September 25th (posted by Isura)[/list]

Pooh-Bah Posts &amp; PSAs:
A Pooh-Bah post is a kind of essay on a focused strategy topic. Traditionally it's written by a poster who has transitioned up the learning curve a good ways by participating on the (strat) forums, building strategy conversations and playing a lot. They have learned most of the basics (which was harder than they imagined when they first started up the curve) and many of the advanced topics. Usually they write this essay around the time when they reach 1600 posts; which is the point where thier title is changed from 'veteran' to 'Pooh-Bah', hence the name.

A PSA is a 'Public Service Announcement' and is similar to a PB post, but it might not be strictly about hand strategy. It could be a broader topic (such as bankkroll or tilt control), or about contributing to the board. These will go here too.

<ul type="square">
[*] Mason55: Aggression Factor, VPIP, and You [*] Pokey: How to Use Pokertracker [*] ThaHero: Luck and Poker [*] FreakDaddy: Taking Notes and Making Reads [*] FreakDaddy: Taking Notes and Making Reads Part 2 [*] Panthro:Some Thoughts on Continuation Bet Sizing [*] tannenj: Playing Junk from Late Position [*] carnivalhobo: Bet Sizing/Hand Reading [*] 74o_Clownsuit: Discussion: Defending the Button [*] MasterLJ:Improving PT Performance [*]bilbo-san: Why am I c-betting? (theory) [*] ofishstix: Do things for a Reason [*] goofyballer: Suited Connectors, Implied Odds, and You (theory/math) [*] Baluga Whale on the Confidence and Skill Needed to Move Up [*] PBJaxx: The Basics in Thinking in Terms of Ranges [*]BalugaWhale: 'Loose Aggresive Play'[*]dbitel: 'C/R vs. b/3b'[*]tannenj: 4-betting PF [*]EMcWilliams: 'Common actions and why we take them'[*]Pokey: 'addressing two big SSNL questions'[*]Pokey: 'Blind Stealing'[*]Mercman572 : 'Hand Ranges'[*]matrix128: 'LAG vs TAG'[*]quarkncover: 'Control'[*]djoyce003: 'Reads'[*]dbitel: 'Taking stealing the blinds to next level'[*]beavens: 'My Take On Tilt'[*]ajmargarine: 'Bankroll and Moving Up'[*]Pokey: 'The Parable of the Street Vendor'[*]Pokey: ToP Study Group Digest[*]poincaraux: 'Get it in'[*]BalugaWhale: 'Analysis of a downswing'[*]jjb108: 'A Non Pooh-bah Post'[*]epdaws: 'Playing Out of Position'[*]cbloom: 'What matters, What doesn't'[*]Pokey: 'Switching from Limit to No-Limit'[*]sam_h: Reraised Blind Battles and Bluffing with marginal hands [*]EMcWilliams: 'Tips for multitabling'[*]MikeyPatriot: 'How to Put It All Together and be a Winning Player'[*]Pokey: 'Summary of the Voluntary Statistics Survey'[*]ChipStorm: 'Poker, Options, Markets, People'[*]Pokey: 'How to use 2+2's search engine'[*]BalugaWhale: 'the so-called Baluga Theorem'[*]kazana: 'Some sound advice: Noise/content ratio'[*]Grunch: 'Difficult Decisions, Bad Designs'[*] Grunch: Calculating the Fold Equity Needed for Break Even Shoving [*] Moozh: Newbie Guide to B&amp;M Play [/list]
If you know of any missing, please PM me a link.
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Default SSNL\'s Compendium Of Villain Slaying (Thread Links)

Here are some links to classic SSNL threads. It's not a comprehensive list; we'll be adding to it as we remember/find/discover new threads. If you know of a particular thread or threads that you think should make the list, PM a mod of SSNL and we'll consider the addition.

whitelime's "Advice from a MHNL'er" Series
<ul type="square">[*]Part 1[*]Part 2[*]Part 3[/list]
ajmargarine's "How's Your SSNLHE?" Series and other works
<ul type="square">[*]How's your SSNLHE?: A7o[*]How's your SSNLHE?: TT[*]How's your SSNLHE?: KJs[*]How's your SSNLHE?: T9s[*]How's your SSNLHE?: AJs[*]How's your SSNLHE?: 97s[*]How's your SSNLHE?: 33[*]How's your SSNLHE?: AKs[*]Poker 101: 76s[/list]
fimbulwinter's Collected Works:
<ul type="square">[*]Things Small Stakes Players Do Better Than Big Stakes Players[*]Calculating EV Part I: Calling an All-In Bet[*]Calculating EV Part II: Making an All-In Raise[*]mmm mmm, bitch (moving beyond set farming)[*]Deep Stacks, Implied Odds, Preflop Play and The State of SSNL[*]My 25NL Adventure/Pilgrimage[*]Re: When do move up from NL25?[/list]
The can of mixed nuts.
<ul type="square">[*]Retro[*]Retro II[*]Ray Zee's 'The Different Stages in a Player's Life'[/list]
Happy hunting. Don't forget there's good stuff in the archives, too. Threads that are over a year old are moved to another server (with another URL), and don't show up when you perform a search on The URL to the archive server is
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Default The Well

The Well

A stranger is being shown around a village that he has just become part of. He is shown a well and his guide says "On any day except tuesday, you can shout any question down that well and you'll be told the answer" . The man seems pretty impressed, and so he shouts down: Why not on tuesday? and the voice from in the well shouts back: Because on tuesday, its your day in the well .

A number of SSNL regulars and a few guest stars have appeared in the well. Here's a list so far (most recent first):

<ul type="square">[*] aba20 8/18/06 [*] El Diablo 8/16/06 (summary)[*] 4_2_it 8/14/06 [*] ahnuld 8/10/06 (summary)[*] cts 8/6/06 (summary)[*] EMcWilliams 8/2/06 [*] yvesaint 7/24/06 [*] mosuavea 7/19/06 (summary)[*] younghov17 7/17/06 [*] dbitel 7/14/06 (summary)[*]The Well: Clayton [*] The Well: BalugaWhale [*]The Well: Pokey [*]The Well: JKratzer [*]The Well: orange [*] The Well: theBruiser500 [*]Summary of aba20 in The Well [*]The Well: goofyballer [*]The Well: tufat23 [*]The Well: Jamougha [*]The Well: kitaristi0 [*] The Well: Mason55 [*] The Well: Luckybacon [*] The Well: ikestoys [*] The Well: MTblue [*] The Well: BobboFitos [*] The Well: Kilillan [*] The Well: Green Plastic [*] The Well: True [*] The Well: TheWorstPlayer [*] The Well: Snowbank [*] The Well: mrTEA [*] The Well: Black winter day [*] The Well: CappyAA [*] The Well: aejones [*] The Well: Snakekilla [*] The Well: xorbie [*] The Well: KRANTZ [*]The Well: SEABEAST[/list]
Summary of Well Posts

<ul type="square">[*] Balugawhale [*] orange [*] JKratzer [*] BobboFitos [*]Jamougha [*] tufat23 [*] xorbie [*] 4_2_it [*] aejones [/list]
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