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Old 10-18-2007, 12:42 PM
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Default AP Scandal Sticky: Media, read me

Unstickied by Mason's request. I'll continue to keep this updated for a while as a handy media guide.

The scandal has been going on for about a month and has resulted in over 5,000 posts/over a dozen threads on this forum alone. In the interests of space and time, here's what you should look through:

-The original post of the latest unlocked thread about Absolute in this forum, probably titled something like "AP Scandal". It will always have the Cliffs' Notes timeline/summary of the entire thing and be regularly updated [possibly several times a day].

-My own blog, at, and Nat Arem's blog at He has a very good summary of the entire affair, while I've been regularly updating mine with the latest details. This site, by Michael Josem, has more information and statistical analysis, including a handy graph of the unlikelihood of this stuff happening by chance.

-PokerXFactor replay of the first two hours of a tournament won by a superuser (free registration required; the replay is buggy and you will see some things happen out of order, but it's watchable.)

-The Pocket5s podcast covering the AP situation (~25 minutes) with myself and Michael Josem.

Further links will be added as they become available. If you wish to interview someone, the best people to comment on the situation are most likely Nat Arem, Michael Josem, myself and Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles (


Finally, please keep in mind that this is more or less a random internet forum that just happens to have broken a very big recent story, more or less by accident. As such, there are numerous off topic/funny posts through the entire thing, such as Photoshops and t-shirt sales; they may be funny gags and there is a place for that, but we *are* taking this situation absolutely seriously.
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