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Old 10-01-2007, 09:15 AM
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Default A guide to good posting in uNL(New User\'s guide inside)

A guide to good posting at uNL

Hello, and welcome to the two plus two micro stakes hold'em forum (uNL). I'm happy that you're here. No really, I am - without its members, this forum would not exist, and every person who posts on this board helps to make it the best free resource available for learning how to play profitable micro stakes poker. For new members, please read our new users guide here.

Now having said that, there has been a very worrying influx lately of posts which suck. Of course its not up to me to decide why these particular posters decided to make these awful posts, but it is up to me to write this guide so that you, the unwitting uNL poster, can avoid invoking the wrath of the uNL mods' lockhammer.

That's probably the main reason you're here - from this point forward, I'll be posting a link to this sticky when I lock your thread if I deem your post to suck. Because as much as I love to slap people on the wrist, eventually my lockhammer hand gets weary and the joy of deleting posts wears off, and I start to think "man, if only people could just improve". So here goes - listen carefully.

<font color="blue">This is a Strategy Forum </font>

2p2 is a big site which has been sectioned off into different areas of interest. What this means in essence is that certain things are appropriate on some areas of the site, and are not appropriate in others. This forum is a strategy forum, meaning that the basic purpose of this forum is to discuss poker theory and post micro stakes hands which we can talk about. What this also means is that just about everything else you can think of to start a thread about in this forum is not appropriate. Here's a small list:

Things which are not appropriate to start new threads about in uNL

- How good you play
- How good/bad you ran today
- How you're so unlucky
- Asking where you can get free stuff
- Asking if you can buy a database
- Asking how to use poker software
- Asking where the games are good
- Asking a question which has already been answered a million times


It doesn't take a huge intellect to see that the basic criteria for a good post subject is whether or not you are posting a hand. So in summary, post hand good, post something else bad. MMmmmmkay? If you feel like you want to do other things, this site will more than accommodate you. Go to the front page and scroll down the list of forums. Choose one which is appropriate to your needs and go crazy. Note that if you are under 20 years of age, use the internet more than 3 hours a day, and have never been laid, you are looking for this forum. Have fun.

<font color="blue">Wow that's so mean, you're an evil sociopath, this forum sucks, whine, moan, etc</font>

Firstly, yes I am a sociopath, and thanks! Secondly, of course we are not an iron clad communist boring forum. We have various threads for shennanigans which are detailed below, and we encourage you to have fun, get to know your fellow posters and improve your poker network. The purpose of these other threads is to contain the posts which have nothing to do with strategy into nice little piles, so those people who wish to use the forum for its main intended purpose don't have to wade through a million "WOW LOOK HOW MUCH MONEIUES I WON TODAY!!1!" posts. These are the threads:

Micro BBV
Here you can post all your Beats, Brags and Variance. There is a site wide BBV but they are generally unfriendly to uNL'ers because they are huge mad money ballers, so here you can comiserate/celebrate with your fellow penny pushers.

Monthly Microbrew Thread
This is where you can post just about anything without fear of reprisal from the mods. Note that if you take that literally and post porn, illegal stuff, profanity, abuse, etc etc then I will extend my far-reaching ban-hand and slap you into the ban-hole.

Graphs/Goals/Results Threads
These crop up around the beginning of each month, so we can all post our results for the last month, outline our goals for the next month, and post some pretty graphs for everyone to ooo and ahhh at.

Continued below, where I outline once and for all what constitutes a good post as opposed to a bad post.

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