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Default Re: Recommendations please

i had bigger writeup but i seem to lose it at last second.

anyway, i'd start with limit and move to NL Lquickly... basically learn the value of each hand (somewhat different than NL, but limit is more gentle and you'll develop more post-flop skills.

suggestions were good.... the authors you want for learning limit are ed miller, matt hilger, lee jones and maybe yao king (but i'd recommend yao more if i thought you should continue with limit)..

and no-limit i'd go phil gordon little green book first... and then a bunch of choices. either NLTP or PNL... sorry for all the abbreviations. there must be a page that lists them.

BTW, if you use the search function, put in -re: as that will just give you the thread title instead of every post.

hope that helps!!
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