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Default Re: The rise of the fundamentalist right in America


I worry less about the kook fringe in the video by OP, than the zeitgeist that will relegate the truths of scripture into obscurity. My school eventually ended- cracking up from the top down. Fundies would never be able to hold a consortium very long because they would always devolve into chaos from a myopic hyper-defensiveness or a who can out-Nit who regarding interpretation of scripture/creed. Rather, I fear moral relativism, nihilism, and iconoclasm will serve to suppress an invaluable source of guidance (if only as an alternative) and "first principles" for life.

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I agree with what you wrote, J.A.K. I never worried about the kook fringe because I think it is just that, a fringe. If the kook fringe became bigger then I'd be very concerned. I don't think these nuts are representative of Americans or Christians at all and hope that the rest of the world is not buying this propaganda but I fear that it is since Americans themselves are buying it.

However, to get back to what Whiskeytown wrote, I never realized that Blackwater was run by Fundamentalists. Good lord, now that is actually very troubling. I am a pacifist and don't feel Christians should be involved in wars (let alone murdering civilians). And a paramilitary? Wow. Ok now I am starting to feel unsettled by this. I really wonder if the U.S. is showing signs of becoming a fascist state. Yikes. I guess I am starting to get concerned about fundamentalists in America diebitter [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img].
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