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Default Re: The rise of the fundamentalist right in America


I have a sister who is an atheist and she thinks it's terrible for my other sister to raise her children to study the bible. She thinks it's a horrible thing to do. Now I doubt she would ever say such a thing to a devout Jew or Muslim or Buddhist but when it comes to Christianity she thinks it's indoctrination.

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I find it hard to believe your sister would not object to submerging kids in the old testament but would do so for the new.

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I don't think I ever responded to this post. I meant to. My sister dislikes the Christian religion. She is an atheist who attended a Unitarian Church for a few years and eventually concluded she is atheist. She thinks Christian churches border on being cult-like, indoctrinating young children and feeding them misinformation. With her it is almost like there is no distinction between a fundamentalist Christian and a non-fundamentalist Christian. To her all Christians are exactly the same.

I believe she would probably feel the same way about Jewish and Muslim families too if she were to live amongst them and watch them study the bible or Koran. However, because she doesn't know anything of their culture I think she is more tolerant and generous towards them, believing they are simply following in tradition that has been going on for many many centuries. She would never dream of insulting members of the Jewish or Muslim faith, but she has absolutely no problem doing so with Christians [img]/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]. She just thinks it's wrong (unethical, negligent maybe?) to make children go to church and study the bible. But personally I think it's unrealistic to think that a parent would embrace a religion and then not teach it to their children.
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