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Default Re: Other Games Library - where to start?

S5cd just makes me want to eat raw chicken

[/ QUOTE ]

it makes me want to do worse things than that, I can relate.

If your a new Razz player I would like to recommend you read David Skalnsky's "Sklansky on Poker", its the best book written to date about the game of razz. The Full Tilt Tournament book has a great Razz section as well, however its really best used to augment your experience so you know how to adjust to a tournament setting. My series of three razz videos are best suited for a solid player who is looking to advance to the expert level. I'm sure a beginning player can take away lots of information as well however the concepts behind equity analysis, hand reading (its rather easy to read hand ranges in Razz once you become experienced enough), pot size manipulation and plays adjusted based on theory of poker concepts might be a bit confusing for someone who normally just bets just because their board is prettier than their opponents.

good luck, I hope you continue to expand your horizon playing other games, DC has the best collection of videos featuring other games that I have found so far - its cheep enough each month that you can't go wrong with this small investment in your game.
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