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Default Re: Fuzzy Description And Rationale of $14K Machine

Thanks for the description.

That is why I posted the question about two spotters forcing you to eke out more and more reps while removing plates. I got no good answers. Mainly nitwits telling me to read more.

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You asked if such a method was better and I responded with the question: Better for what? It does matter. Because what you describe isn't done for strength. I'm not sure how that isn't a good answer. I suppose if I told you why it would be more complete...

My guess would be that using such a machine is at least as good as doing one set of bench presses, squats, situps and bent over rows every day and running a mile the alternate day. Enough to put youself in better shape than 97% of the population. But what do I know.

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I don't know either. I suspect that is a pretty good guess. The decision to exercise pretty well dominates over the particular program one chooses.
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