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Default Re: TruePoker wants US poker players business and is willing to help .


As I understand it, the pm boxes will all be moved, empty, with the software change.

So you understand, I let it fill up because I don't check it frequently enough. If I could get an email generated to me whenever there is a message, I could use the service.

Otherwise, you can always email me at

TruePoker CEO

[/ QUOTE ]
To receive an e-mail notification when you receive a PM, at the top of the forum page, go to "My Home", near the bottom right click "Edit" next to "Subscribe / Unsubscribe from receiving forum posts by email, change message notifications, etc.", select "Yes" for the first option "Do you want email notifications when you receive private messages?", then click Submit. You will then be notified whenever you receive a PM.
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