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Default Re: Thanks for Pokerroom\'s Invitation to US players to visit TruePoker

I guess I am a little upset now because I tried finding out why US players cannot take part in the 5 free books and the closest thing I can find is that Mason's lawyer advised him not to affiliate with any poker site that allows US players to play.

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You have it exactly right. If and when we can open things up to everyone we will certainly do so.

Also, we went to make sure that all the Internet poker rooms that take part in our Bonus Program are treating all our players well. Pokerroom has assured me they are working on the problem and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Best wishes,

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Thanks for the response and I hope I did not anger you. When you do good, I am the type who will let you know. When I think you have done bad, I am the type who is blunt.
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