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Default Should the PPA accept membership/backing from bot providers/users?

If you go to what the PPA calls a forum, which is really a tumbleweed net town, you can find a profile for this poster. He is the writer and seller of the most popular bot program available. To my mind, and apparently most 2p2'ers would agree in consideration of past discussions in the zoo, this guy and all bot users are scumbags. This guy specifically has been banned multiple times on 2+2 under various posting accounts. Yet apparently he is welcomed with open arms by the PPA.

Despite the fact that Annie Duke used a bot argument as proof of poker being a skill game, that use, even if mathematically valid, was a very ill chosen one. Second only to the kind of fraud/cheating shown in the Absolute situation, bot use has more potential to harm the reputation of online poker than anything else, in the minds of the average joe player.

So why is this scumbag given a haven in the PPA forums? If the answer is that he is a member, then I submit that his membership dues if he paid them, should be refunded, and that his membership and posting privileges in their forum should be canceled. Having botters affiliated with any poker organization is akin to allowing a bank robber to join a credit union.