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Default Re: Stars Conclusion

Certain things have to be clarified, Stephen W wrote
1. The account that won the WCOOP main event was played from the same computer and the same IP from the start of the tournament until the finish.
2. No other account played from this same IP or computer, during the tournament.

Having stated the above, there are still serious open questions that require the investigation to continue.

Now multiaccounting seems to be out of the question, so where are the evidence that the void should be discqualified ?,

[/ QUOTE ]

Where is the evidence? It is with Pokerstars. And I would guess TheV0id has seen it as well.
Listen, the outcome of Pokerstars decision rests between TheV0id and Pokerstars. There is no one on this forum (or any others) that is going to be able to disect what they found, or whether it was the right decision, without knowing all of the details. Those details are going to remain with the two parties involved. Unless of course TheV0id decides to talk.