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Default Re: Stars Conclusion

Certain things have to be clarified, Stephen W wrote
1. The account that won the WCOOP main event was played from the same computer and the same IP from the start of the tournament until the finish.
2. No other account played from this same IP or computer, during the tournament.

Having stated the above, there are still serious open questions that require the investigation to continue.

Now multiaccounting seems to be out of the question, so where are the evidence that the void should be discqualified ?, and more what about the other probably 500 players that actually were multiaccounting, no further investigation is made upon them, or maybe someone used some other players account. There are no evidence saying anything about any kind of cheating whatsoever. Just not enough evidence saying it was her, that's going a little bit to far. It seems like alot of people in this forum seem enjoyment in people losing money or getting devastated from a loss, ofcourse jealousness is of human nature and people to choose to act like an animal are welcome to, but guess what making this girl lose 1.2m dollars are not going to make your life better. In fact it's not even going to change her life, just a depression of not getting something, and the WCOOP title she was entitled to. There were at least two players on the final table, that i know that were not following the rules of pokerstars. Now The V0id account has followed all rules and there are no evidence pointing on that it was not her playing, altough there are plenty of evidence pointing out other players, and no further investigation are made upon theese players?
It seems like pokerstars are going after the forums reading what the people have to say about it, what kind of company would do such a rdicioulus investigation, and ignore other players actually not obeying the rules?