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Default Re: December\'s \"You\'ll Shoot Your Eye Out\" NC Chat thread

Hey guys,

Mark Twain is legendary for his lack of self-control. He had not only a gift for writing (I think he's terrible), but he also had a side of venom that he violently spewed toward the world, writing a series of letters that would normally cut ties to all friendships. Oddly, the friends never held these letters against him. Did they just shrug there shoulders and say, "Well, that's Samuel for you?"

Missus Twain would wake up early in the morning, before the post man came, and check the mail, secretly opening all the letters, and removing the bad papers. Apparently, it was cheaper to spend the penny on the stamp and let Mr. Twain rant and feel better, than get into the conversation about how he should try, just try to possess better self-control.

I just wrote an upset e-mail but did not send it, but I kept it as a draft, because I really want to send it out.

Anyone besides me ever do this kind of thing?

If I copy/paste it, would the Lounge be willing to help me edit and rephrase it?

And yes, I have been miserable and in a bad mood for a month now.

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