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Default Re: Redskins/Buccaneers TR (w/ pictures !!)

how'd you swing this?

[/ QUOTE ]

From the other thread:

Some friends and I got to work on the field for Sunday's game. We did it for last year's Skins/Bucs game also. One of my buddies is from Tampa and his parents live there and are friends w/ a guy who is friends w/ the guy that coordinates on-field security for the Bucs. They hooked us up w/ the job, same as last year. We got to Raymond James stadium at about 10:15 for the 1pm kickoff and were on the field by about 10:40.

I spent the first quarter behind the endzone that the Bucs scored their only touchdown on (I was in a couple shots if you watched the game on TV) and was on the Bucs' sideline at the 10 yard line for the rest of the game.

This year's game was much better/more fun than last year's Skins/Bucs matchup.

Last year's thread is here.
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