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Default Re: San Francisco goes after trans fats too

4.) I'm emo and like the idea of rotting my arteries

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't mind if you eat poison. actually I encourage you to. but I oppose the widespread poisoning of the food supply.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well unfortunately for your analogy, when I choose to eat food that has trans fat in it, you can still eat food that doesn't. If I engaged in "widespread poisoning of the food supply" (whatever that's supposed to mean), then presumably you would not be able to eat food without poison in it. I can't really make much sense of what you're getting at.

Is the implication here that you're entitled to tell me I must learn to prefer certain types of foods, or else I am responsible for the lowered demand (and the metaphorical "poisoning") of the types of foods you wish were more readily for you? What if I'm a hunter who lives off my own game? What if I have throat cancer and am fed through a tube to my stomach? Is it my obligation to you to contribute to the demand for the types of foods that you want available?

You're digging pretty hard if you stand by this analogy.
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