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Default Re: San Francisco goes after trans fats too

Can you read minds? If not, how do you determine what benefits someone other than yourself?

BTW, have you seen the price of milk lately?

That's actually a cheap shot, since the price increases are not attributable 100% to antibiotics, seeing as organic milk has increased a lot too (though not as much percentage wise in my own tiny sample size survey).

[/ QUOTE ]

no, I meant they used to shoot antibiotics directly into the bulk milk tank. they don't do that anymore. (distributors started testing for antibiotics and if the levels were too high they wouldn't buy it.)

ok, name the benefit of transfats. I could be wrong, I mean if people were ragging on leaded gas I could point out a benefit to the consumer. I can't point out a benefit to the consumer of trnas fats.

[/ QUOTE ]

Just because you can't think of one doesn't mean there isn't one, nor does it mean that you should be able to ban me from buying them. Also, what if you don't like my reason? My reason is that I think foods cooked in transfats taste better. My other reason is that I'm afraid of real butter. My other reason is that my priest told me jesus wants me to eat transfats. My other reason is that the foods are cheaper and last longer in the box so I can store them in my winter cabin. My other reason is that I like to make nannies get their panties in a bunch knowing that I'm enjoying my french fries.

Good enough?

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