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Default Re: San Francisco goes after trans fats too

btw, I'm not asking you to "prove" anything, just name a single benefit to the consumer of transfat.

[/ QUOTE ]

For Christ's sake.

1.) Lower cost (which does indeed exist even if you can't wrap your mind around why)
2.) I like the name of it
3.) I get pleasure out of telling people I ate trans fat
4.) I'm emo and like the idea of rotting my arteries
5.) I can buy tater tots and store them for five years

I don't need anything that you consider to be a "good" reason. That's the [censored] point. How on earth does anyone declare this for anyone else?

saying you can buy tater chips and store them for 5 years though doesn't count.

[/ QUOTE ]

Oh OK. I forgot you were the eternal decider of what I am and am not allowed to value.

[censored] off.
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