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Default Re: 2 interesting $400 PLO8 hands

Sorry can't avoid mentioning pre-flop selection.
Interesting predicaments.

Hand 1: Shouldn't have been in the pot period much less call a re-raise but what's done is done. But since you're in. I like the pot bet on flop but MP2 another limper / caller of massive preflop raise is the aggressor here. 78 unlikely for the made st8 (not totally out as he made an isolation play to move Button out) but I suspect that MP2 might have AQKJ for a massive re-draw or Ax10 10. You left out what the Button did. Two opponents or one. Eh, either way I would fold.

Hand 2: Love the pockets.
I would have re-raised on flop - don't get greedy isolate UTG - or maybe take it down now. You have nut flush draw and decent low cards. At this point there are no st8 draws. What a sweet flop for your hand. The all-in and re-raises are often A2-ers (maybe a set but silly re-raises with lows and flush draws possibilities). So PUSH PUSH PUSH.

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