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Default Burning Cards On-line

Hello all,

This is my first post and I have an interest in a difference between virtual and casino play, specifically burning cards. The following analogy depicts the essential elements and is my perspective.

You sit in the middle of a dark room, you can see a door in front of you about fifteen feet away, and a ceiling light illuminates the space between you and the door.

Betty the dancing girl walks into the room directly beneath the light and says to you; "Player, you stand to win a million dollars, but first you must make a choice." "I have in my bejeweled bag ten cards, one of which is the ace of spades." "If I draw the ace of spades for you, then you will win." If I don't draw the ace of spades, then you will loose." "You must choose if I should burn one card before your draw or leave all the cards in the bag." "Make your choice."

Let's see. If I remove a card, then it might be the ace and that would not help me, because Betty couldn't draw it, or I could skip the burn and keep all the cards in the bag. So you say, "Betty, skip the burn and draw me an ace Baby!"

1st scenario - she picks the first card, you win/lose. odds = 1 in 10
2nd scenario - she burns a card (-10%,) and draws a card, you win/lose. odds = (1 in 10)-.1 = .9

Ten percent of the time the winning card will be absent from the bag, it cannot be drawn, and so the 1 in 10 win ratio is reduced by .10, ten percent. Out of 100 draws 10 wins will turn into nine, simply because one of those draws that should have been a win was a loss, because the card was absent.

I need to know if this accurately depicts the differences between virtual and casino play, when cards are burned. Also, should on-line sites offer games that burn cards?
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