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Default Re: Sporting troll PLO8Killer

i am saying the fact that your users are constantly calling for bans means they are dissatisfied with some element of the moderation

[/ QUOTE ]

Again, like the 90% thing xorbie said, this is a huge exaggeration. There are two examples of this recently Assani and PLO8facekilla, while for a long stretch there are basically no examples of this. The Assani one was ridiculous, and once the subject was really brought up he prob had more supporters than detractors. PLO8, like I've said I could care less if he's banned, but I don't go looking for reasons to ban people, and he really hasn't done anything that out of line in terms of the rules these forums were originally formed with. I mean really, you guys have all been around to remember when Mat was the only mod, and the only thing that got you banned was a clear violation of the T&C's. Obviously I think we've progressed and should from this, but I really still think some of you guys are a little ban-happy.
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